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Get Rich Quick with Josh and Noel

Hosted by: Josh Rubin and Noel Dinneen
New shows on Saturday at 8:00 pm
Category: Comedy

About the Show

Are you tired of wasting your time listening to radio and podcast shows that do absolutely nothing to GET YOU RICH RIGHT NOW? Well, tire no more! GET RICHQUICK with Josh and Noel will help you GAIN WEALTH using nothing more than your ears! GET RICH QUICK with Josh and Noel has NO HIDDEN FEES, NO OBLIGATIONS, and requires NO MONEY DOWN! Every week we examine a different way for you to finally LIVE THE LIFE OF LUXURY YOU DESERVE! Stop being a chump, TUNE IN NOW!

About Josh Rubin and Noel Dinneen

Josh Rubin is a middle aged man who has finally figured out a job where he doesn’t have to leave his basement. He knows very little about few things which makes him well qualified to instruct you on all issues pertaining to wealth. He hasn’t performed anywhere and you wouldn’t know him from anything except a dinner party he attended last month.
He’s married (sorry ladies) and has the most awesome dog in the world

Noel Dinneen is an actor and improvisor that came to New York from Canada via Chicago. Noel has not yet gotten rich, but looks forward to doing so with you!

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