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Hosted by: John F. Malta
New shows on Monday at 5:00 pm
Category: Narrative, Talk

About the Show

SSSSLAM DUNK is an hour long DIY Punk, Garage, and Lo-Fi music show hosted by the Kansas City, Missouri based visual artist John F. Malta. Tune in every Monday for wild jams, real ragers, and chilled out tracks to make your Monday a bit more bearable.

About John F. Malta

John F. Malta is a visual artist, editor, and writer based in Kansas City, Missouri. His work has been published by The New Yorker, The New York Times, Adult Swim, VICE, The Washington Post, TEDxKC, Brasserie Dunham, and Valley Cruise Press.

Malta edits and publishes the comics and illustration anthology Universal Slime and can be found skateboarding and playing hockey in and around the River Market neighborhood of Kansas City.

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