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Visco Disco: The Stupid Show

Hosted by: Gerry Visco
New shows on Saturday at 12:00 am
Category: Comedy, Music, Talk

About the Show


Visco Disco: The Stupid Show, hosted by the fabulous Gerry Visco will be a weekly thought-provoking amusing show interviewing live guests who are performers, artists, writers, nightlife hosts, freaks, bands, celebrities, whack jobs, LGBT queer personalities, scholars, gods and goddesses, and fabulous human beings with talent. We will play badass music, some novelty tunes, and there will be live performances. Get ready to RUMBLE! Fasten Your Seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

About Gerry Visco

Gerry Visco has been around the block. She’s an actor, performer, writer, Yoga teacher, photographer, nightlife host and illegally blond! She had a radio show on WKCR FM for a year “Arts and Answers.” She’s lived in NYC since 1974 and originally from Newton, Massachusetts. She’s Italian Irish so Vaffanculo! She has three degrees from Columbia University in writing and literature: BA, MFA, MS in Journalism. Gerry Visco is hilarious, fun, and wants you to JOIN THE GERRY PARTY and get Gerrified

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