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What Is Love

Hosted by: Sasha Sugar
Live Sunday at 2:00 pm
Category: Talk

About the Show

What Is Love is a hybrid talk-music show about guess what? – ha, LOVE. It is meant to give an opportunity for anyone to freely share their love experiences without the need to comfort social norms and concepts of love.If you have an interesting love story and/or would like to become a guest on our show, send an email at whatislove {at} radiofreebrooklyn.comIt is a live show which means guess what? – ha, CALL INS. That’s right! you can call in during the show and challenge Sasha Sugar about her personal love life (she tells the truth only) or to share some juice of your own.

About Sasha Sugar

Sasha works in ad tech. Her passion is traveling & people-watching (nothing creepy, please don’t report to the police). She is from the exotic Eastern European country Belarus (exotic not cause of palms & calibris, but because nobody knows what the hell Belarus is; it’s not Russia – deal with it!). Sasha graduated with M.S. in Media Management from The New School, backpacked across India & changed quite a few jobs here in U.S. Her favorite job was at a sex shop, cause she learned SO MUCH there.

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