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Hosted by: Colby Smith
Live Sunday at 10:00 am
Category: Comedy, Talk

About the Show

Comedian Colby Smith can’t believe he’s this un-cool. This is a man who comes home and mutters “My dogs are barking” after most days at work. It’s too late for him.Luckily, his guests are among New York’s most interesting and innovative writers, comedians, artists and more — you know, the cool kids. Together they’ll take calls, share stories, and maybe give Colby some hope about one day entering the world of the relevant.

About Colby Smith

Colby Smith is a comedy writer and performer based in Brooklyn. He is the co-host (with James Cross) of the monthly character talk show Yours Truly at Legion Bar and can be seen performing stand-up and improv all around the city. He has appeared in the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, as well as videos for Funny or Die, IFC’s Comedy Crib, and Hart Street Lemonade Stand.

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