Community Freeform Internet Radio

Radio Free Brooklyn Sponsorship

Thanks for your interest in Radio Free Brooklyn Sponsorship.   There are two ways to partner with Radio Free Brooklyn.  This first way is to advertise on our website or on the network with on-air promos.  If you are a local business, we offer special rates on website + on-air promo packages.  Please contact us to find out more about these types of sponsorships, and to receive a quote from our sponsorship team. Our Summer, 2016 Sponsorship Deck, which includes info about RFB and our current standard rate card, can be downloaded here.

Strategic Partnerships

We are also always looking for opportunities for mutually beneficial strategic partnerships.  In our first year, we have partnered with the Bushwick Film Festival, FrigidNY Festival, Fire This Time Festival, and The Bayou n’ Brooklyn Music Festival.  Please contact Tanya Ritchie, our Director of Strategic Partnerships using the form below for more information on ways we can partner with your organization.