Radio Free Brooklyn Leadership Teams

Radio Free Brooklyn is led by a management team that guides day-to-day operation of the organization including studio operations, program management, editorial, marketing, and community engagement.  The overall mission, fundraising strategy and long-term direction of the organization are guided by our Board of Directors, who are all leaders in the community and in their respective fields of expertise.

Management Team

Tom Tenney (Executive Director) was the founder and Director of the annual RE/Mixed Media Festival in NYC. He has been producing theatrical events since the 1980’s, working with a diverse group of artists – from Robert Wilson to DJ Spooky – and his long-running late-night series Grindhouse-A-Go-Go! was the flagship show at Surf Reality’s House of Urban Savages on the Lower East Side from 1998-2002. His sound pieces have been heard on PRX Remix Radio, GMFE Sound Experience, Deep Wireless Festival and Streaming Festival 6.  Tom got his M.A. in Media Studies from the New School and his B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fun Arts) from Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey Clown College. He has been a guest lecturer at the School of Visual Arts  and an adjunct Media Studies professor at Hofstra University and New Jersey City University. Tom is the host of Frequency Theory on RFB, and recently published a DIY guide to starting an Internet radio station. Contact Tom
Michele CarloMichele Carlo (Editorial Director) has told stories across the U.S., including the Clearwater-on-the-Hudson Arts & Music festival, the MOTH’s GrandSlams and Mainstage shows in NYC, on NPR and the PBS TV series “Stories from the Stage.” She is the author of the NYC-set memoir Fish Out Of Agua: My life on neither side of the (subway) tracks (Citadel 2010) and hosts Fish Out Of Agua on Radio Free Brooklyn, showcasing under-the-radar NYC artists. Go to for more info about Michele.  Contact Michele
Orie Givens IVOrie Givens (News & Community Engagement Director) is a multimedia journalist, communications manager, and co-founder of LGBTQ podcast network Radio QueerMinded. Orie’s published work includes features for The Advocate, Harlem Focus, Daily Xtra,, Outlook Ohio and other outlets. Orie is also the host of Radio Free Brooklyn’s Queer State of Mind, a live two-hour music and talk show focused on LGBTQ people, news, events and stories from around Brooklyn, New York City and beyond, and the Executive Producer/Moderator of RFB’s first politics and current events program, the forthcoming Objection to the Rule.  Orie has a B.A. in Linguistics from The Ohio State University and a M.A. in Journalism from the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism. Contact Orie
Noel DinneenNoel Dinneen (Director, Mobile & Archiving) is an actor and improvisor who came to New York from Canada by way of Chicago. He has appeared in Boardwalk Empire, HBO’s Show Me a Hero, the film and stage versions of Charlie Victor Romeo, as well as many things best forgotten by time. Noel is co-host of the comedy show Get Rich Quick with Josh and Noel  currently airing on Radio Free Brooklyn. He is honored to be able to aid in RFB’s ability to create, foster, and promote community and art. The best things often come from unexpected places.  Contact Noel
Shane GasteyerShane Gasteyer (Training Director) is a union organizer, musicians’ rights activist, and crazy cat gentleman, as well as the writer and co-host of NYC’s best (and only) regular Music Trivia night.  He is also the host of Everybody Plays the Fool, a weekly music show on Radio Free Brooklyn.  Contact Shane
Ben LouisBen Louis (Project Administrator) An up and coming media personality from Brooklyn, Ben started off at RFB as a volunteer where he would volunteer for any and everything he possibly could to help the station. His show BEN Talks first aired in August of 2017 and has since become one of the highest rated shows on station. He is also the Tuesday host of Brooklyn Bandstand.  Ben has shown a great passion for Radio Free Brooklyn and everything it represents and has continuously used his platform to help promote local artists from all over NYC.  Contact Ben
Tom GalloTom Gallo (Music Director) Tom is a record collector, archivist, and journalist who  currently hosts Look At My Records! on Radio Free Brooklyn, conducting candid, in-depth interviews with local musicians as well as select records from his personal record collection . When not on the radio, Tom runs The McKenzie Tapes, an archiving project that aims to digitize hundreds of recorded performances at various NYC venues over the course of the last 40 years. In addition, Tom pens Bushwick Bandstand, a weekly column for The Bushwick Daily that highlights new releases from Brooklyn musicians and live events  Contact Tom
Calvin WilliamsCalvin Williams (IT Director) Calvin Williams, a native of Brooklyn, is part music geek, part tech geek, part oddball creative. By day, Calvin battles the slings and arrows of network and communications technology as an IT and VoIP Professional, and by night, he can be found either in his bedroom working on music/graphics/code or learning something new and geeky, out at a concert (likely with DSLR in hand), or, on any given Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, can be heard on the Radio Free Brooklyn airwaves as host of the music show Lush Vibes Radio. It has been an unlikely journey from long time listener, to show host, to management team member, but Calvin is grateful to be lending his skills and talents to RFB and playing a role in its continued growth and success.  Contact Calvin
Eryn LevineEryn Levine (Logistics Coordinator) Eryn Levine is an avid pursuer of storytelling. In the past she has written fiction, made Youtube videos, performed at The Moth, and now works in children’s book publishing. She is overjoyed to have found in Radio Free Brooklyn a buzzing hub for local stories and experiences, and a home for her own work in radio producing. She currently oversees Pot Luck Dinner, Brooklyn Bandstand, and occasional interview partnerships with local art festivals. You can also find her playing dungeons & dragons and other nerdy/storytelling/role-playing games as the host of Game Play Radio. Contact Eryn

Board of Directors

Rob PrichardRobert Prichard (President) Rob is the co-founder of Radio Free Brooklyn and was the co-founder and proprietor of Surf Reality’s House of Urban Savages, a seventy-seat black-box performance space on the Lower East Side from 1993-2003. He has produced several theatrical productions including Radical Vaudeville at Mo Pitkins and Bowery Poetry Club, and 64: A Vaudeville of the Mind at the HERE Art Space 2012. He’s also known for his work in the 1980s TROMA cult films The Toxic Avenger and The Class of Nuke ‘Em High. He is the producer and host of Bushwick Garage and hosts the Thursday edition of Brooklyn Bandstand on Radio Free Brooklyn.
Phil BuehlerPhil Buehler  (Vice President) Phil is a visual artist and a strategist in advertising and media. He has held senior management positions in strategic planning at several advertising agencies, including Young and Rubicam and Ogilvy & Mather, and has helped define strategies for numerous brands, including American Express, AT&T, Ford, Marriott, and Verizon. Known as a pioneer the use of ethnographic research in advertising as well as data analytics, he now runs Data Dialog, a boutique consulting firm working with brands such as Ford and Bloomberg. Phil is also recognized as an early urban explorer and photographer, His work has been widely exhibited at galleries and museums, including a solo exhibition in 2017 at Front Room Gallery on the remnants of the Cold War. Phil has served on several not-for-profit boards, including HERE Arts Center and Momenta Art. He lives in Bushwick with his wife, visual artist and performer Lisa Levy.
Catherine PattersonCatherine Patterson  (Secretary) Catherine is the Executive Director of Experiential Campaigns at Young & Rubicam. Her expertise is in designing, architecting and producing world-class experiential programs for clients such as Nestle, Nikon, Navy, Pepperidge Farms, Xerox, Dell, MasterCard, the Explorers Club, New York International Children’s Film Festival and the National Parks. Her work is developed at the crossroads of technology, content and culture, and has delivered significant wins in design, branded content, immersive/OOH, social, mobile, and mixed reality/experiential.
Asha SalujaAsha Saluja (Treasurer) Asha is a business operations specialist residing in Brooklyn by way of Miami, Florida. She’s worked in finance and operations roles at various NYC media companies. She currently works as a senior analyst on the business operations team at Pandora Radio. Asha’s professional goal is keeping art and journalism free, fair, and accessible in the age of the internet. She has a B.A. in economics from NYU with a minor in Media, Culture, and Communications.
Bob HolmesBob Holmes: Bob is an international recording artist and the CEO of Sudden Industries, an award-winning digital agency with a focus on creating engaging digital entertainment across all aspects of the youth market, working with artists including the Elvis Presley estate, P. Diddy, Foo Fighters, MTV, VH1, and Fuse. As a musical artist and producer, he founded and led the pioneering punk country band Rubber Rodeo, and has produced for a diverse range of artists including David Bowie, k.d. lang, Nils Lofgren, and Treat Her Right.
Cara BowlerCara Bowler: Cara Bowler is a marketing and fundraising professional with over 20 years experience and a passion for enriching the lives of New York City dwellers through arts, culture and compassionate community building. As Membership Director at WFUV Public Radio for 12 years, she built strong relationships between donors and the radio station. Prior to WFUV, Cara was the membership marketing manager at the National Audubon Society and worked at direct response advertising agencies before that. Her focus has now moved towards serving communities in need of a voice. Cara lives in Brooklyn with her cat Willow, who are both music lovers!