Radio Free Brooklyn Show Data Input Form

Welcome to Radio Free Brooklyn! To get you set up, we’ll need to get some info about you and your show so you can be up and running in our system and ready to go on the day your show is scheduled to begin.  Before you fill out this form, please be sure to have the following 4 things ready:

  1. Show Logo (square image, 500×500 pixels minimum)
  2. Host Photo: (any shape, must be at least 250 px on one side)
  3. Podomatic Account (please go to, create an account, and have your username ready)
  4. Dropbox account 
After we’ve processed all your info and you’re completely set up, you’ll receive a welcome email with more info.

Show Information

NOTE: We only allow show name changes twice per year (May and November) so please make sure you're 100% satisfied with the title of your show
100-150 words is ideal
Please submit a SQUARE image at least 500x500 pixels
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Host Information

Please select an image that is at least 250 pixels on one side
This can be as long as you like
Please use the full URL, including http://
Please use the full URL, including http://
Username only; Do NOT include the @ symbol
Username only; Do NOT include the @ symbol

Podomiatic Information

Please include your username only. This can be found in the podcast URL: