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November 15, 2018

Spoken word, no word, in-between and all the ways they intersect

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Lost Boy ? Shares his Raucous Aew Album, Paranoid Fiction

November 14, 2018

Plus, the best shows in Bushwick this week.

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Electronic Duo Wume Chats About Their Third Album “Towards The Shadow”

November 7, 2018

Plus, the best shows in Bushwick this week…

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Kevin Hairs Shares Freak In The Streets Plus The Best Shows In Bushwick This Week

November 1, 2018

Everything you need to see this week in one list.

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RFB at Queens Hip-Hop Festival with DJ LiKWUiD

October 30, 2018

DJ LiKWUiD, the self-proclaimed DJ, emcee, and artivist was interviewed by RFB volunteer Samantha Ding at the Queens Hip-Hop Festival, September 28, 2018. RFB: How did you get your stage name? L: I go

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Adeline Hotel Shares Away Together Plus The Best Shows In Bushwick This Week

October 24, 2018

Music, events and outings galore in Bushwick and beyond.

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It’s All Nice On Ice LIVE: Monday, October 15

October 12, 2018

We’re doing a live show at beeyoutiful downtown Brooklyn’s Pine Box Rock Shop on Monday, October 15 at 9pm, so get ready for all your favorite guests, segments and  music performances all happening ri

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RFB Presents: LoveHoney at Arlene’s Grocery—Thursday, 9/27

September 26, 2018

Following the success of their EP release, LoveHoney kicks off another night of heart-pounding, booty-shaking, mezmerizing, soulful rock n’ roll! Sponsored by Sailor Jerry and featuring very limited-e

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Revolution Me Film Fest Highlights Diverse Stories & Filmmakers

September 20, 2018

Maria Palacio and Paula Patino from Revolution Me Film Festival speak with RFB News & Community Engagement Director Orie Givens about their local film fest featuring more than 50 movies happening

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LGBT Center Joins Queer State of Mind

August 30, 2018

Shijuade Kadree and Trevon Mayers from the LGBT Community Center join the Queer State of Mind team to talk about community engagement, youth empowerment, and the marginalized communities within the LG

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“Ben Talks” Goes LIVE! Monday, September 10, at Pine Box Rock Shop, 9pm

August 27, 2018

Ever wish you could see what really goes on at RFB’s “Ben Talks” show? You’ll get your wish Monday, September 10, as host Ben Louis takes the unfiltered—and sometimes controversial hilarity to Bushwic

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RFB Presents: LoveHoney at Arlene’s Grocery!

August 22, 2018

Brooklyn acid-blues rockers LoveHoney, featuring band members Aly Quinones on vocals, Tommy White on the “Flying V” guitar, Matt Saleh on bass and Thomas Gehlhaus on drums brought their A-game to a so

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A dance party your neighbors won’t call cops on “hopefully”

July 16, 2018

When I began hitting clubs back in the late ‘90s/early ‘00s, the “thumpa-thumpa” (see: Queer as Folk) was a shared experience. A connection from DJ to dancer that either united or disconnected a room.

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WTFTD This Weekend July 14-16 Edition

July 14, 2018

Our resident expert on fun stuff Eli Raskin gives you highlights of things to do in Brooklyn and around the five boroughs this weekend.   Saturday 12pm – 1pm [Harlem] Enjoy a stage reading of loc

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Life on the border, explained

July 7, 2018

Activist and Field Organizer for School of the Americas Watch Dévora González says that those making the journey to a better life in the United States face a number of risks, many brought on by govern

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As Mom n’ Pop as it gets

July 6, 2018

There’s no sign hanging above this shop. You won’t find it on Google Maps, and it doesn’t have a website. That’s because Loud Baby, a shop I stumbled upon one weekend afternoon at 696 Flatbush Avenue,

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Get your camp on!

July 5, 2018

RFB Content Contributor Eli Raskin gives us a few tips on living the wilderness life.  People, get excited; camping season is here! Camping has never been easier and more accessible. Here’s are some t

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WTFTD – Independence Day Edition

July 3, 2018

RFB Content Contributor Eli Raskin brings us a few ideas on cool things to do over the upcoming holiday.  What a time we’re in! Pride was last week, a mid-week July 4th is coming up and the Summer mug

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RFB Presents Local Hip-Hop with Northside Festival June 7

June 6, 2018

While everyone else is zigging during this year’s Northside Festival we’re going to be zagging at Radio Free Brooklyn. RFB Presents First Thursdays at The Well on June 7th with a very special Northside Festival featuring local hip-hop artists Mikal Amin, Wisdom Natural, TK The Architect & Junk Rat. The Well is located @ 272 Meserole Street, right here in Brooklyn. Advance tickets are only $8 at RFB.NYC/tickets. Tickets will be $10 @ the door. This is what Brooklyn sounds like!

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Mikal Amin: From Jersey, to the world, and back to Brooklyn

May 31, 2018

Photo by dj_takes_pix Mikal Amin is a Brooklyn-based hip-hop artist and educator set to perform in our June RFB Presents show, part of Northside Music Festival. The New Jersey-born talent has traveled

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10 Qs with a host: Saidue Karmo

May 31, 2018

Photo by Ben Taylor/LitRiotPress Saidue Karmo is the co-moderator for RFB’s long-running program Queer State of Mind. The Liberian-born and Ohio-raised Karmo came to RFB a radio newbie, but no strange

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TK The Architect to break NYC music scene

May 31, 2018

  From Facebook TK The Architect will be playing The Well on June 7th as part of Northside’s Music Showcase. The New York native’s blend of hip-hop and live instrumentation is his signature sound nowa

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Radio Free Brooklyn College Night

May 27, 2018

Come one come all to the second every Radio Free Brooklyn College Night! Come on out to The Footlight Bar on April 23rd at 7:00 and support your local struggling youth. It’ll be a grand ol’ time!

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Radio Free Brooklyn Presents: A Night of Dreams

May 21, 2018

A Night of Dreams Broadway caliber talent, taking the stage to perform songs they were born to sing, from roles they were born to play. Dream roles.  MONDAY, MAY 28TH @ 7:00PM THE FOOTLIGHT BAR 465 Se

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Stone Giant on Keeping Rock Music Alive

April 30, 2018

Music contributor Robert Frezza spoke with Sebastian Fernandez of Stone Giant ahead of their May 3 concert and EP Release. Brooklyn-based band Stone Giant traveled a long way for a shot at making it i

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10 Qs with a Host: Billy C. of Cosmic Debris

April 30, 2018

New RFB host Billy C. is taking listeners into the late night hours with his 2-hour music show, Cosmic Debris. The show airs Sunday nights at 11 pm and brings you a thoughtfully curated experience of

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Rob Prichard’s Review on A Place to Bury Strangers at Elsewhere

April 29, 2018

A Place to Bury Strangers at Elsewhere   At Thursday night’s record release show at Elsewhere (April 12), A Place to Bury Strangers was a force of nature channeling an intense blend of pagan cosm

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RFB Presents Stone Giant EP Release Show at The Well with Crowd The Airwaves & Trip

April 24, 2018

Retro rockers Stone Giant, a recent winner of The Deli Magazine’s NYC Emerging Artist Poll, will be releasing their new EP on Thursday, May 3rd at The Well with Crowd The Airwaves & Trip. The Well is located @ 272 Meserole Street in Brooklyn. Doors are at 8:00 PM and the rock ‘n’ roll starts at 8:30 PM. Advance tickets are only $8 at RFB.NYC/tickets. Tickets will be $10 @ the door. This is what Brooklyn sounds likes & it sounds amazing!

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Special Live Broadcast on 4/22 @ 3pm Supporting Planned Parenthood of NYC

April 18, 2018

The Feminist Letters is a typeface created to amplify the message advocating for gender equality. The expressive font articulates gender equality issues in provocative and humorous ways, with each let

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Radio Free Brooklyn College Night on 4/23 at the Footlight

April 17, 2018

Come one come all to the second every Radio Free Brooklyn College Night! Come on out to The Footlight Bar on April 23rd at 7:00 and support your local struggling youth. It’ll be a grand ol’ time! Perf

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Volunteer to Host: Ben Louis

March 26, 2018

Ben Louis was an avid radio listener looking to get into radio. He considered going to school for broadcasting, but the financial burden was not feasible. He started looking for other avenues to get e

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Shades of Dating brings queer men of color to forefront of conversation

March 21, 2018

Join the hosts of RFB’s Queer State of Mind and special guest emcee The Advice Diva Robbyne Kaamil for Shades Of Dating. This panel discussion and mini dance party explores the ins and outs of dating, love and sex for queer people of color in an interactive discussion-style format. The event is March 26th from 7p-9p at Footlight Bar, 465 Seneca Avenue in Ridgewood.

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RFB Presents 1st Thursdays at The Well with Vaureen, Streepthroat & Even Twice

March 15, 2018

RFB Presents 1st Thursdays at The Well is pleased to bring you another evening of what Brooklyn sounds likes. Featuring the female fronted space rock of Vaureen, the devil may care attitude of Streept

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Newsletter Ticket Giveaway!

February 28, 2018

 Answer our trivia question for a chance to win a pair of tickets to our April installment of RFB Presents: 1st Thursdays @ The Well Submit your answers by Wednesday 4/4/18!       Newsl

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Finding friendship on the air

February 28, 2018

Uluç Ülgen’s show mürmur is like many other interview shows but with a couple of caveats: his guests could be anyone, and are often times random and unfamiliar. And the goal is not to promote but to c

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March RFB Presents: 1st Thursdays at The Well – Deitre Music Video Release with Thurston Ray and The Lord Calverts

February 23, 2018

The stage is set next week for an amazing evening of live music in our March installment of RFB Presents: 1st Thursdays @ The Well. Thurston Ray, The Lord Calverts and Deitre bring a night of entertai

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City high school student launches new RFB weekly teen music program

February 21, 2018

Radio Free Brooklyn is furthering its goal to be a community platform for independent artists and producers with the launch of a new show today produced and targeted to teens. Teens take the Mic is th

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10 Qs With a Host: Lisa Levy January 2018

January 29, 2018

  Lisa Levy is an artist, radio host and self-proclaimed psychotherapist who hosts a weekly show on Radio Free Brooklyn called “Dr. Lisa Gives a Shit.” She is also the current reigning Miss Subwa

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Q&A With Co-Founder & Talent Director Rob Prichard

January 29, 2018

Photo by Ben Taylor/Lit Riot Press After almost three years, Radio Free Brooklyn has undergone a world of changes. From its beginnings in a bike shop basement to becoming a globally-known source of th

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RFB’s Dr. Lisa puts couples on stage in new game show 1/29 at Footlight

January 19, 2018

    The show, called “Who’s More Annoying”, asks three couples questions in a variety of relationship-related categories.   Participants will answer questions on stage about planning/tr

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1st Thursdays at the Well Continues 2/1 with Karen & The Sorrows!

January 15, 2018

RFB Presents 1st Thursdays at The Well is pleased to bring you another evening of music with queer country by Karen & The Sorrows, the alt-folk, alt-country, and Americana of The Nightmare River Band plus the post-punk, skronky-tonkers Tatters & Rags it’s going to be a evening of music unlike any other.

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Castle Black, TinVulva and The Judex Hitting the Stage This Thursday 1/4 at The Well

January 2, 2018

RFB’s second installment of its concert series RFB Presents: 1st Thursdays At The Well is going live on Thursday, January 4th with three great, socially-conscious bands: TinVulva, Castle Black, and Th

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Lost & Rewound Holiday Showcase December 18th @ The Footlight!

December 9, 2017

On Monday, December 18th at 7pm, The Footlight will be hosting another edition of RFB Presents! This month, the team of Radio Free Brooklyn’s Thursday afternoon found sounds program Lost & Rewound

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Radio Free Brooklyn moves studio to 100 Bogart coworking destination

December 1, 2017

Radio Free Brooklyn has moved their broadcast studio from Dekalb Avenue to the co-working spaces at 100 Bogart St in Bushwick.

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RFB Launches First Thursdays @ The Well with Jackknife Stiletto on 12/7

November 18, 2017

RFB Presents is proud to announce the launch of our 1st Thursdays at The Well concert series. Our inaugural event will feature Jackknife Stiletto, Nuclear Family Fantasy and Red Arkade. Jackknife Stil

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RFB’s Dr. Lisa Takes Home “Miss Subways” Crown!

October 5, 2017

Radio Free Brooklyn is proud to announce that our very own in-house psychotherapist, and host of Dr. Lisa Gives a Shit was the winner of the 2017 Miss Subways Pageant, which was held on Thursday, Sept

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Join us for an RFB Comedy Showcase on 9/26!

September 17, 2017

Join Colby Smith and Doctor Lisa for our monthly live showcase at Footlight!

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Making (Independent) Radio Political Again

September 8, 2017

Resistance and Radio intertwine as hosts from Radio Free Brooklyn’s political shows come out of the studio to share why they are inspired to produce community-focused political programming at a panel

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RFB Host Jarret Berenstein Visits Objection to the Rule, Talks Kellyanne Conway Book

August 23, 2017

RFB host, comedian and author Jarret Berenstein and his new book “The Kellyanne Conway Technique.” Jarret Berenstein, host of RFB show Famous Dead People, joined Objection to the Rule on Sunday to tal

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Help Send RFB to SXSW 2018!

August 7, 2017

Help send RFB to SXSW 2018 by voting for our proposal on our PanelPicker page!

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Dr. Lisa Gives a Shit Showcase on 7/31!

July 25, 2017

Radio Free Brooklyn presents “Dr. Lisa Gives a Shit Showcase” hosted by Young Person’s Radio’s Colby Smith with Dr. Lisa on Monday July 31, 2o17 at the Footlight! Two of RFB’s best talk show hosts are

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Our New Local Music Channel, RFB 2: LocalChords, is LIVE!

July 1, 2017

WE’RE LIVE!  LISTEN TO RFB 2: LOCAL CHORDS LIVE NOW! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JULY 1, 2017 For the many lovers of artists and bands based right here in the five boroughs, Radio Free Brooklyn’s announcem

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RFB 2: LocalChords, our new all-local-music stream, launches 7/1

June 16, 2017

Radio Free Brooklyn is very excited to announce that we will be officially launching our second live stream – RFB 2 : Local Chords (working title) –  on Saturday, July 1st, 2017 at 8am.

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Season 5 Launches Monday 5/15!

May 10, 2017

On Monday May 15 we will be introducing 15 new shows to our lineup for Season 5. Here are just a few of the offerings we’ve got in store for the new season.

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Season 5 Showcase on 5/21

May 10, 2017

On Sunday May 21st, we’re kicking off our 5th season with a showcase of local musicians to raise funds for the station, under our newly established non-profit status!

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We’re Now a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization!

April 14, 2017

We are very excited to announce that Radio Free Brooklyn has received its new official status as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization!

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RFB Season 4 Launches Monday, 11/14!

November 12, 2016

Radio Free Brooklyn launches a brand new season with 25 new shows!

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Radio Free Brooklyn in Huffington Post!

September 12, 2016

Radio Free Brooklyn heralded its expansion from a 24/7 streaming free-form site into a storefront radio station and vinyl shop with a music showcase Saturday night, Sept. 10, at Unit J Loft in Bushwick. Performances by Dead Leaf Echo, Dru Cutler and the Heart & Hand Band, The Falling Birds, and Amos Rose celebrated a local scene that now reaches worldwide through internet radio.

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Submit a Show for RFB Season 4!

August 28, 2016

The deadline for Season 5 entries has passed! Please come back soon to submit a show proposal for Season 6, which begins November 14, 2017.

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Dead Leaf Echo to Headline RFB Fundraiser Sept. 10th

August 23, 2016

Falling Birds Dead Leaf Echo will be headlining our RFB fundraiser on September 10th. Radio Free Brooklyn is now in our third season – broadcasting 70 shows, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week – and have

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RFB Herbie Hancock Ticket Giveaway 8/1-8/4!!

July 26, 2016

Radio Free Brooklyn is thrilled to announce that we will be giving away five pairs of tickets to see Herbie Hancock at the Prospect Park Bandshell on Thursday, August 11th, 2016.

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SHARKMUFFIN Stops by RFB for Hear & Now

July 11, 2016

Brooklyn garage-rock trio, SHARKMUFFIN, paid a visit to the Radio Free Brooklyn studios on Thursday, July 7th, as guests on the Hear & Now with Rachel. C show, which airs every Thursday from 7-8pm

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Hollows Artspace Inaugurates Eastyard Programming This Weekend

July 5, 2016

This weekend, The Hollows artspace in Williamsburg will be kicking off their new summer programming series – The Hollows Eastyard – in the garden of their townhouse at 151 Bedford Avenue (between North 8th and North 9th Streets).

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Photos from the 5/14 RFB Fundraiser!

May 21, 2016

Check out these photos from our Season 3 Fundraiser on May 14, 2016 All photos by Ben Taylor at Lit Riot Press

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RFB Fundraiser on 5/14!

May 8, 2016

A fabulous fundraiser for Radio Free Brooklyn, a great new radio station fueling underground artists and mindsets. This event is like a Kickstarter Campaign but you can afford the party level easily and we won’t hassle you with updates.

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RFB Kicks Off Season 3 on May 16th!

May 8, 2016

Radio Free Brooklyn kicks off season 3 with 38 returning shows, and 30 new shows on May 16, 2016!

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