10 Qs with a host: Saidue Karmo

Photo by Ben Taylor/LitRiotPress

Saidue Karmo is the co-moderator for RFB’s long-running program Queer State of Mind. The Liberian-born and Ohio-raised Karmo came to RFB a radio newbie, but no stranger to the stage. A long-time performer, Karmo has used his vocal talents in many ways, including a series of one-man shows which are both vocally-amazing and hilarious. Karmo, along with co-moderator Deron Dalton and co-hosts Jose Zarza and Micah Peterson bring you all the talk and shade you can handle Saturdays at noon.

Tell us about how you got involved with RFB?

A friend of mine approached me and thought I would be a great fit. I had enjoyed a few beverages, so I said yes.

What is Queer State of Mind, describe the show.

QSOM is a show that gives a voice to queer people of color.  We talk about current events, pop culture and a whole lot of BS from the perspective of POC. It is really a safe place for us to express ourselves.

How important is it for Queer People of color to have a voice on the airwaves?

I believe it is extremely important. We live in a world where the idea of perspectives from queer people of color are completely overlooked. We can give other Queer POC a voice to relate to instead of trying to find themselves in the white gay media. For me, it is exciting to voice my frustrations and joy.

The show is a music and talk hybrid, tell us about how that enhances the listening experience?

It gives our listeners a glimpse of who we are. You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. I also am a huge music fan and I love sharing new tracks and songs that have brought me joy over the years.

Outside of RFB what do you do?

I manage a boutique real estate firm and I am also a professional opera and cabaret singer.

What has been the greatest moment on the air so far?

Probably getting drunk on air and telling one of my greatest secrets. It is always fun to get a little loose in the lips.

What do you hope listeners take away from the show?

Joy, and the idea that we are people. I hope people are listening and learning a little bit about what it is like to be a Queer person of color.

Pride month is coming, what makes you feel proud?

Watching how far we have come as gay men of color, and as an LGBTQ community. All the work that I did and the people before us did is starting to show. I hope the kids do not forget where they came from and take pride in their history.

What are some of the tracks that will be played on QSOM this Pride Month?

Oh, definitely A lot of Martha Wash, Deborah Cox, Donna Summer, Diana Ross, etc… All the divas and a sprinkle of Freddy Mercury

Where do you see QSOM going in the future?

What I see us is hopefully getting bigger and bringing more QPOC together to speak out. I think it is time for us to start putting ourselves first.

Queer State of Mind airs every Saturday live on Radio Free Brooklyn at 12 noon and is available for download on podomatic and other podcast distribution sites. Check out Queer State of Mind in person at Brooklyn Pride on June 9th.