Brooklyn’s T.VO.D and Grace Ludmila join Eclectic Method in online concert 4/25

UnderCover puts a new spin on the benefit concert experience, pairing two artists who will perform exciting, original versions of each other’s songs live. The first curated concert will feature Brooklyn rising stars T.VO.D and Grace Ludmila followed by a VJ set from Eclectic Method on April 25th at 8pm.

From the comfort (and safety) of their homes, fans can support musicians whose incomes have been negatively impacted by venue closures during the COVID-19 crisis. Via a virtual tip jar, a percentage of donations will be distributed to industry partners Musicians Foundation and Women in Music, as well as to the participating musicians.

More about the event:

  • The first two artists were selected because UnderCover organizers experienced them playing a (pre-Covid-crisis) riotous house party with kitchen crowd surfers. Organizers aim to inspire this same level of community and enthusiasm.
  • UnderCover is a 45-minute live set consisting of 10 songs in total. Each artist performs 2 covers of the other artist’s songs plus 3 of their own original songs.
  • The official concert landing page is undercover.nyc and the concert will stream live from this page.
  • All events will be streamed in HD video and high-quality sound.
  • Partnerships are in the works to offer merch and food delivery, just like a proper night out!

About the artists:


T.VO.D.T.V.O.D. (f.k.a. Wallmart) began in the summer of 2019 when TVv (Tyler Wright) started writing high energy disco-punk songs in his Ridgewood, NY bedroom. He brought these ideas to long time members of the Brooklyn D.I.Y. music scene (Nikki Sisti, Revor Mustoe, Ted Jamison and Shaun Wong) and thus T.V.O.D. was born.


Grace Ludmila

Grace LudmilaGrace Ludmila’s songs explore her youth and inevitable female socialization. With an emotive, powerful voice, her music is immediate, urging, yearning; live performances are heavier and punk-influenced but often segue into tender, vulnerable moments.



Eclectic Method

Eclectic MethodEclectic Method is a video-remix pioneer who helped originate video mashups during the early days of bootlegs and went on to create viral videos in which rapid-fire edits turn almost any sound into music and beats. DJ Magazine called Eclectic Method the “remix king,” Wired dubbed him the “future,” The Guardian said it “boggles the mind” and even Questlove said he is “the gift that keeps on giving.”