Chris DeLuca on how he built “The Foundation”

Chris DeLuca on how he built “The Foundation”

Lawyer by day, record raider and RFB host by night Chris DeLuca puts the spin on his musical obsessions and building his show “The Foundation.”

interview by Michele Carlo

RFB: Where did the concept for “The Foundation” spring from?

CDL: I’ve always been a little obsessed with discovering samples used in hip-hop. “The Foundation” on RFB is basically an extension of a show I hosted back in college on On that show, I only played funk, soul and jazz samples, and didn’t play any hip-hop. During the mic breaks I would educate the listener on which producers utilized those samples to make specific hip-hop beats. But I always wanted to mix the samples back-to-back with their hip-hop counterparts. Whenever I would make DJ mixes, I’d always throw in a blend or two of hip-hop tracks along with their sample counterparts. So for this incarnation of the show on RFB, I mix hip-hop tracks with their original samples back-to-back AND speak on the samples and production during the mic breaks—for the format I’ve always wanted to present to listeners.

RFB: What made you choose RFB as your new platform?

CDL: Initially, RFB’s “Freeform Radio” format really piqued my interest. I like the idea of having complete creative control over the show, or any music that I put out—I mean, who doesn’t? But I really felt that The Foundation perfectly fit with RFB’s mission of educating listeners. If I could sum up The Foundation in one word it would be “education.” The show is all about educating listeners on artists and music production that they might not be familiar with and original ways to present that music.

RFB: What do you hope listeners take away from The Foundation?

CDL: Hopefully, at least once during the show, listeners say to themselves: “Oh, I love that beat…so that’s where it came from!”

Tune in to “The Foundation” Saturdays at 10pm.