Kay Edwards

“What Would Kay Say?” Meet Kay Edwards (and find out)

Kay Edwards on why she became a radio host
with Michele Carlo

MC: Hi Kay and welcome to Radio Free Brooklyn. Am I to understand you are one of those increasing rarities, a native New Yorker?

KE: Yes! I was born and raised in Brooklyn. I attended Fort Hamilton High School, got my BS at Pace University and did post-grad work at NYU.

MC: Tell us a little bit about the idea/history behind “What Would Kay Say.”

KE: After working in telecommunications, I decided that I needed more out of life. I knew that I had a calling on my life to speak, and that one day I would finally walk into my destiny. I still don’t fully understand what my journey will be; but I know that being on this radio station is my starting ground.

MC: Is this your first time doing a radio show? What made you choose RFB for your platform?

KE: This is my first time hosting a radio show and I am grateful for the opportunity. I look forward to everything that God has set up for me. Choosing RFB as my first platform was destiny; where else would a native of Brooklyn begin?

MC: Briefly describe a sample episode and tell us what you hope people take away from each show.

KE: I have an episode coming up discussing the disadvantages of incarceration; not only on the prisoner but on the community and society. I hope that people realize that we are all pieces of a larger picture.

Listen to “What Would Kay Say” every Sunday at 8am.