Ladybug Festival to feature Brooklyn-based artists

The Rodent Hour, RFB’s champion of indie rock from Brooklyn and beyond, recently featured two Brooklyn-based artists who will appear at this year’s Ladybug Festival, an annual event celebrating women in music in Wilmington, DE on July 18th & 19th.

Natalie Mishell was featured Monday, July 1st. She is a singer-songwriter who writes Southern-roots Americana music with a rock flair. Natalie shared tracks from her upcoming album “The Box,” plus the story of how the album came together. For more info on Natalie Mishell:

Castle Black, a post-punk/alternative-rock trio long known as one of Brooklyn’s hardest-working (and most-satisfying live bands) appeared in the studio on Monday, July 8th featuring tracks from their upcoming release “Dead In A Dream.”

Catch Castle Black’s official release show Tuesday, July 16 at Gold Sounds Bar (44 Wilson Avenue). For more info:

Thinking about a road trip? To learn more about The Ladybug Festival:

Listen to both episodes here:

Matt Attack’s The Rodent Hour airs every Monday at 8pm.