Life on the border, explained

Activist and Field Organizer for School of the Americas Watch Dévora González says that those making the journey to a better life in the United States face a number of risks, many brought on by government agencies.

“People are scattered about, so they run, they lose sight and lose control of where they’re at, of where their group is, and this is where a lot of people die, and disappear, says González, who spoke with hosts from Objection to the Rule in late June. “They don’t have enough water for these situations, so it’s a very specific border patrol tactic that is murdering people and disappearing people at the border.”

González is quite literally the product of immigrants, raised in Los Angeles by her Central America parents. After an early start in working with her community and working to obtain her graduate degree while at the border, Gonzalez has dedicated her life to Central American communities and fighting for justice at the border.

She currently works at the School of the Americas Watch, a non-profit that tracks Latin American dictators that went through that program, and the deeply entwined relationship between the United States and the countries that many undocumented immigrants flee from.

In her interview, she speaks on the conditions of the border, her perspectives as a mother, as well as what we can do as citizens with our privilege about the longtime issue of immigration with the Southern Border in the United States.

With the summer months in full swing, and the conditions of crossing the desert becoming harder and harder, Gonzalez speaks to the inhumanities not only at the detention centers, the caging and separating of children from their families at the border, but the inhumanities that are committed before they even cross. She says that through the process of detention and separation at the border is not new, it has reached new heights during the current administration. 

” Incredible traumatizing of children and kidnapping of children from their parents,” says González.  “So this is the worst thing we’ve seen so far, what is happening with the children…there is no reason a 9-month-old should be representing themselves in court.”

In this week’s show, we tackle this and more, the history of immigration, the dire situation at the border, and ultimately, Trump’s role in all of this. Is this new, or is this a continuation of men in his position before him? We will find out Devora’s perspective and more in this special interview segment on Objection to the Rule.

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