Meet the Goddess: QianatheGoddess Williams of VPR Radio!

Meet the Goddess: QianatheGoddess Williams of VPR Radio!

We spent a few minutes getting to know Qiana Williams, a.k.a. QianatheGoddess of VPR Radio and talked about auspicious beginnings, new platforms and dream guests.

Interview by Michele Carlo

RFB: This is your third season overall but your first on Radio Free Brooklyn. Can you tell us a little about the origins of VPR Radio?

QW: DJ FMI and I began VPR Radio to highlight talented independent artists and create a platform to discuss topics beyond pop culture, while also addressing issues within our community. We met about six years ago when I was producing a monthly independent artist concert in NYC and he was an A & R at Konvict Muzik. When I reached out asking if he would be interested in creating our own show, he was passionate about the idea. We had worked together once in online radio about a year prior, so I knew the synergy was there. I’ve always loved and appreciated his positive vibes and professionalism, so it was the perfect partnership. We had our first official show on February 13, 2018—and here we are in our third season. It’s been an amazing journey and I’m excited about VPR’s future!

RFB: What made you choose RFB as your new platform?

QW: We chose RFB as our new platform because I was seeking a station where the professional presentation highlighted our rapid growth. In performing my research, I recognized how much RFB stood out in the online radio community. I loved that you were located in Brooklyn, so it stayed close to our VPR roots. Brooklyn is also my favorite borough and where DJ FMI was raised. I could tell that RFB was not just a platform—it was more like a family. So, I crossed my fingers and sent a pitch in about a month before we went on hiatus before our Season 3. The rest is history and we are so happy to be here!

RFB: Who would be your dream guest(s) to get for an interview and why?

QW: My dream guest would be Nas. Not just because he is one of my favorite artists and his music was instrumental to a lot of my mental growth as a teenager, but he is also a pillar in the hip-hop community, positive—and wise. The conversation would be incredibly deep! DJ FMI would love to interview DJ Akademiks, to learn how he created his YouTube platform and parlayed that organically into a viral following.

VPR Radio is live every Thursday from 11am–1pm.