Susan Rousseau

“New In New York” with Susan Rousseau

“New in New York” with Susan Rousseau
by Emmy Freedman

Whether you’re chasing a dream or on the search for a fresh beginning, many people roaming the streets of New York City came here for a reason and didn’t spend their childhood here. Susan Rousseau, host of “New in New York,” is one of them. Rousseau spent the first 40 years of her life living in a number of cities such as Chicago, Montreal and Los Angeles. But for the last four years, she’s called New York home and now she’s highlighting other people’s stories of moving to the Big Apple for the first time.

Rousseau originally came to N.Y.C. from L.A. for just a few weeks. But she was able to make use of her skills as a T.V. producer to land a job and live here full time. Though Rousseau first lived on the Upper West Side, she’s called a number of places in the city home and is currently living in Brooklyn. “Adjusting to life in New York can be pretty crazy…the city is wild,” says Rousseau. She thought a lot of people could identify with that. Thanks to Rousseau’s own whirlwind experiences moving here, she wanted to learn about others’—and remind herself of the many reasons why she moved here—hence “New in New York.”

Each “New in New York” show will focus on a guest’s decisions behind moving to N.Y.C., along with the music that he or she associates with that time. (For Rousseau, that song is “Wherever is Your Heart” by Brandi Carlile.) Rousseau’s first guest was Bird Garcia, a musician who lived in New Orleans before coming to N.Y.C. Future shows will feature T.V. producers, a choreographer, more musicians, and other media folk talking about their initial N.Y.C. experiences. Rousseau is eager to learn about new and interesting places from her guests and says, “I can’t wait to hear the stories and songs that all go into making N.Y.C. a fun and unique place!”

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