New Show: Physical Culture, Music & Art with Vincent Metzo

RFB Editorial Volunteer Samantha Ding spends a few minutes with new show host Vincent Metzo talking about the relationship between art, fitness and culture!

RFB: What does “physical culture” mean?

VM: The concept of “physical culture” comes from Ancient Greece and the motto Mens Sana In Corpora Sano, or “a sound mind in a sound body.” Physical education, music and art are integral for making better citizens—and a better society. Sadly, these are the first subjects to get cut from school budgets. Without people being exposed to these essentials and learning how to express themselves in intra-, inter-, and trans-personal ways, it’s no wonder our society is in such a precarious position health-wise, environmentally—and politically. I want to focus on people telling their stories as they pertain to culture, art and exercise. Maybe this can shine a light on this and by doing so become the start of a solution.

RFB: Who will you feature on your show?

VM: For the first half-hour, I’ll interview an artist or other creative guest (sometimes but not always a musician), who is also in the fitness industry or has embraced exercise and fitness as part of their lifestyle. In the second half, I’ll have a fitness expert, such as the owner of a Brooklyn gym or a health expert, like a PhD or dietician. Over the course of each interview, we’ll explore how the artist got into music, performing, and exercise, plus how their artistic mindset influences their exercise and fitness lifestyle, and vice versa, along with playing a few of their songs. The fitness/health guests will have the opportunity to speak truth about the industry. For example, my last guest, Sarah Currie (MS, RD), was recently featured on Channel 5 talking about her horrible experience with the “Celery Cleanse.” That led to a discussion about the discrepancy between mainstream media, real science and research, and how people confuse correlation in health with cause and effect. The show won’t focus much on politics except to show how politics is waging a war against science. I do equate the way the media and society view research on diet with the way research and science on climate change are viewed.

RFB: What’s your philosophy about art and exercise that led you to create this show?

VM: There is a fundamental connection between art and exercise that our society doesn’t get. But when art is commercialized into marketing and advertising, exercise is conflated into the mere pursuit of vanity and we’ve lost the meaning of both. Native American morning songs, Japanese tea ceremonies and examples from many other cultures show this connection between art and exercise. We’ve lost that and are suffering for it. At the end of the day, moving one’s body through exercise, whether that’s weightlifting, Pilates, running, aerobic dance or boxing, is both self-expression and art. But self-actualization, expression and communication suffer in our culture because of our lack of connection in these areas. Sadly, the rest of the world is following us instead of us following them. Martial arts and the connection between Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Buddhism, the connection between spirituality, art, and health and exercise is being lost.

RFB: What are you most excited about in terms of joining RFB and having this show?

VM: As an educator, entrepreneur, and creative person I do lots of projects through YouTube and webinars to promote different ventures and disperse information. I got bored with webinars pretty quickly and started using Ustream before Facebook and YouTube Live were available. For a long time I wanted to interview people from the fitness industry to examine the connections between art, creativity and fitness, self actualization and expression, and the history of the fitness industry—but couldn’t find the right medium. I learned of RFB through a college friend and it occurred to me that live radio and a socially conscious grassroots community organization like RFB was the perfect home for this project. Having grown up in NYC and playing the local clubs for years, the authenticity and credibility of RFB was something I wanted to be part of and contribute to.

Vincent Metzo’s new radio show, “Physical Culture: Music and Art” is live on RFB Wednesdays at 9am.