Q&A with Maggie Stiggers and Spiro Marcos, hosts of new podcast “The Cool Kids Table”

Maggie Stiggers and Spiro Marcos, hosts of “The Cool Kids Table.”
by Emmy Freedman

EF: Tell me about your show. What’s the idea behind the name and what do you guys talk about?

TCKT: We host “The Cool Kids Table.” It’s a podcast that celebrates kindness in the entertainment industry. Each week, we bring a guest from the entertainment business who has a reputation for being kind. We sit and chat about their journey to success, how they’ve remained humble and any advice they can share for inspiring artists.

EF: Tell me about yourselves. How long have you lived in NYC? Where are you from?

TCKT: Maggie’s from Lake Placid, New York; Spiro is from New Jersey. We’ve both lived in New York for 10 years. We are the executive producers and co-founders of NikoFrank Productions, a nonprofit production company. We’ve made it our mission to celebrate women, diversity and inclusion in our company and we’re excited to continue that mission with Radio Free Brooklyn.

EF: What else do you guys do here?

TCKT: Besides running our production company, we recently wrote, produced, and starred in an original comedy sketch show called “Theatre School Dropouts” on Amazon Prime. We both simultaneously pursue our careers as actors (see our actor websites) and Spiro is also a personal trainer at Equinox.

EF:  What made you decide to host a podcast and get involved with RFB?

TCKT: We love the idea of being a part of a community where other people share the same passions. We knew RFB had a great reputation and we’re super-pumped at how accessible, friendly and professional you are.

EF: Anything else you want to add?

TCKT: We’d love to thank Radio Free Brooklyn for this awesome opportunity!

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