RFB gets mail! A sweet little “Baci” from Italy

Receiving a postcard via snail mail is such an anachronism these days, isn’t it?

Who has time to go out and get a postcard, write a personal message on it, bring it to a brick-and-mortar post office (gasp!), affix the appropriate postage and send it out into the world?!

Well that’s exactly what we at RFB found in our mailbox last month. The postcard is from Padova (Padua), Italy and wished us “un pensiero forte” (a deep thought), along with a wrapper from a Baci, the Italian (and much more delicious version of our Hershey’s Kisses), saying ”friendship is the main ingredient of human happiness.”

It seems RFB has made someone in Italy so happy they had to let us know. So NEVER, ever underestimate the impact you can make with your music, your art, your words, your presence…and your friendship! By the way, this proves that not only do postcards kick emails ass for breakfast, sometimes…analog rules!

–With bacis (and besos), Michele Carlo