RFB host Matt goes on ATTACK with The New York Times!

Photo: Matt Attack

RFB host Matt goes on ATTACK with The New York Times!

“The Rodent Hour” host Matt Attack recently took on NYC’s newspaper of record for its article about touring musicians that didn’t include any NYC bands…and worse. Take a look at the original article: https://nyti.ms/32v71y6 and see Matt’s rebuttal below:

“What a sad attempt at relevance by The New York Times. With all of the great, hard-working bands in NYC you choose a band from New Brunswick and a band from Nashville?! Old Dominion doesn’t need any more exposure and neither does Screaming Females. It’s like you deliberately made ZERO effort to cover the local, independent music scene right in your own backyard. Check out local, independent artists like You Bred Raptors? or Castle Black that are constantly on the road in an effort to bring their art to the people. Or maybe bands like TOP nachos who will soon be heading off to Australia.

However, where the article really falls short is in the lack of diversity of the bands covered. The article features eight musicians and you have zero POC represented and only one female. What a joke! If you paid closer attention to the local music scene in Brooklyn and NYC you would know that it’s women and POC who are saving rock-n-roll. Thick, an all-female band, was recently signed by Epitaph, Stuyedeyed are absolutely ferocious on stage and show younger Latinx that it’s possible to make great rock-n-roll…instead of being pigeon-holed as the next Ritchie Valens.

I could go on and on with examples but I’m not sure whether it would be worth it. What you should do is tune into Radio Free Brooklyn and listen to shows like “The Rodent Hour” (my show), “Bushwick Garage” from Rob Prichard, “Hear and Now with Rachel C.,” “Brooklyn Beat” with Scott Einhorn or “Look at My Records” by Tom Gallo, so you have a better idea of what’s going on.”

Editor’s note: There is SO MUCH great music out now that sadly, the so-called greatest New York newspaper—and other mainstream publications—continue to ignore. As said by Rachel C., “…if they wanted to tell real stories of bands and vans on the road, why not talk to the Falling Birds about what it’s like to have your car break down in the middle of nowhere, stuff like that. Better yet, talk to a band like LoveHoney about what it was like landing in Nashville, or any number of artists with great road stories, especially the ones who keep doing it after those experiences.”

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