Brit Boras, host of Badass Babes on Radio Free Brooklyn

RFB Host Profile: Brit Boras and “Badass Babes”

Badass Babes on Radio Free Brooklyn

RFB Editorial Star Emily Scott spent a few minutes getting to know Brit Boras, host of “Badass Babes…”

Here’s what happened:

ES: Hi Brit, and welcome to RFB! You have a new show called Badass Babes starting this month. How would you describe the show?

BB: Thanks! Happy to be a part of the RFB community. “Badass Babes” is going to bring attention to all the badass females kicking ass out there from past history to present-day. The show will include interviews, jamming and discussing music from female fronted musicians, and discussing badass woman from history who probably didn’t get the recognition they deserved during their lifetime.

ES: What inspired you to have a radio show?

BB: I think it’s important to raise attention to all the ladies out there, defying the odds and pushing the envelope despite social norms and expectations. Its my hope that in discussing and calling attention these strong women that it may inspire others, and maybe even encourage future generations of girls out there to defy expectations of what it means to be female, choosing to live and be whoever/whatever they want to be.

ES: What brought you to Radio Free Brooklyn?

BB: Well my band New Myths has been interviewed on RFB a few times, and I always thought it was such a rad radio station and knew I wanted to get involved. When I saw that there wasn’t a radio show currently devoted to showcasing women, I thought it was about time.

ES: Anything else you think listeners need to know?

BB: I am always open to suggestions and very excited to meet and interview all the Badass Babes out there, so if someone reading would like to talk on my show, or knows someone who should be interviewed, please feel free to reach out at:

Badass Babes airs Mondays at 11:00am