RFB New Show Interview: “What’s The Biz” with Monica Grant

RFB Editorial Volunteer Emily Scott spent a few minutes with “What’s The Biz” host Monica Grant getting, well, the biz—and learning why you should all take a listen!

ES: Welcome to Radio Free Brooklyn, Monica! Your new show “What’s the Biz” is now airing every Wednesday at 2pm. How would you describe it for listeners?

MG: It’s an urban business talk show. I want to have a fun conversation about making money, starting a business and entrepreneurship. We’re used to seeing business only being talked about in a very corporate, business-y, white male, rich way and I’m bringing it down to earth that everybody needs to make money. And, you know, New York is a place where you got to do a lot of things to survive. So, just having that fun conversation and being real with entrepreneurs that come on and tell us about what they do and how they get by.

ES: You have a super-interesting background as a community organizer, artist and entrepreneur. Do you feel these things influence your show?

MG: I think activism, entrepreneurship and being an artist are three rivers in my life, and they met up in the ocean with my company Young Boss Media, where we focus on making a social impact on communities of color through media. So “What’s the Biz” is just a part of that. It’s the radio version of my talk show “Master Plan” which is on its fourth season. The radio show is less production and more conversation than Master Plan, but it’s still the same conversation: how entrepreneurship can help a lot of people. I don’t speak about entrepreneurship from the perspective of getting super rich and driving a Lamborghini, I don’t care about that. There’s a lot of people out here that need income to survive and take care of their families, and I believe in entrepreneurship as a way of economic justice.

ES: Are there other projects you’re working on that you want people to know about?

MG: I just finished an art exhibition we did in TriBeCa last week and that was really amazing. We premiered a collection around the Harlem Renaissance, titled “The Renaissance Rebirth.” That was very successful, so we want to keep that going under the brand name Renaissance Rebirth. I’m also working on building my team, building the company up. We have 10 productions that we’re working on. Right now I have a group of producers with me who are working on logo, animation, helping with the show. I want to show my team that you don’t need a degree—if you put in the work you can accomplish anything you want.

ES: So how did this opportunity to get involved with Radio Free Brooklyn come about for you?

MG: Chris Albert of the RFB show “The Junk and Jam Hour” invited me on his show and he’s somebody I really respect. I asked him how I could do it because I had been reaching out to other stations and none of them were getting back to me. This just happened so quickly and easily when I had been looking for it for a few years. I believe in alignment and so I felt like this was great. The freedom to grow and continue to build my brand on another platform was what I was looking for and that’s what I’m getting, so I’m happy.

ES: Any last messages you want to put out there?

MG: Young Boss Media is the brand and we’re always trying to build around that and bring in super-dope content. It’s a family-owned business—my niece is on her way to the office right now. Everything is about family, like my team members are my family. And I just want to put out respectable high-quality content. It’s not just about listening to it today, I want you to be able to listen to it 50 years, 100 years from now and still get a wealth of information. No matter what I do I live with integrity. I want my work and my products to be pillars of a beautiful community and I just want to play my role in the community.

Tune in to Monica and “What’s the Biz” every Wednesday at 2pm.