What is The New Colossus Festival? Who is playing? When and where? RFB Music Manager/host of “Look at My Records” Tom Gallo brings you the 411 you’ll need to get all your new music on!

Radio Free Brooklyn is proud to partner with The New Colossus Festival, a brand-new multi-day music event running March 7–10 on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The festival will feature over 100 bands and artists from NYC, Canada, Europe, and Australia. The organizers, Mike Bell (Lorimer Beacon), Steven Mattrick (Piano’s) and Lio Kanine (Kanine Records) launched the festival with the intention of bringing an annual music festival back to New York after the dissolution of the CMJ Festival in 2016. The multi-day event also hopes to serve as a stopover for international artists heading to SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Along with concerts at The Delancey, The Bowery Electric, Arlene’s Grocery, Coney Island Baby, and Berlin-Under A, the organizers are hosting four industry conferences on Thursday, March 7th whose topics will include: obtaining U.S. visas for international artists, sync licensing, the importance of independent record labels, and more.

Several Brooklyn artists are scheduled to perform at the festival, several of which have appeared on Radio Free Brooklyn! A few worth checking out:

No Swoon: This up and coming dream pop act had a stellar 2018 that saw them release three gorgeous singles, “Gold, He Said,” “Still,” and “Blake The Messenger.” Where to see them: New Colossus Launch Party on Wednesday, March 6th at Pianos.

HNRY FLWR: Born into a cult in Iowa, HNRY FLWR’s psychedelic dream-pop reflects on many of his youthful experiences. His debut EP, Flowerama, features dense, keyboard driven songs that are both deep and introspective. Where to see them: New Colossus Launch Party on Wednesday, March 6th at Pianos.

Monograms: Brooklyn-based trio Monograms shared their most recent EP, “Beekeepers,” back in October, a dreamy five-song collection of psychedelic post-punk. Where to see them: Arlene’s Grocery on Thursday, March 7th.

Grim Streaker: This goth-punk five-piece is straight up ferocious! The group impressed many with their loud and abrasive style of punk on their debut cassette, Girl Minority, which featured the fast and fuzz singles, “Psycho,” and “Girl Minority.” Where to see them: Coney Island Baby on Friday, March 8th.

Palberta: Palberta has made waves over the last three years due in large part to their unique brand of songwriting, which features punchy linear song structures, three-part harmonies, and a near constant rotation of instruments amongst members. Where to see them: The Bowery Electric on Friday, March 8th.

Russian Baths: The duo of Luke Koz and Jess Rees, known as Russian Baths, craft a sound that’s equal parts shoegaze and noise-rock. Where to see them: The Bowery electric on Saturday, March 9th.

Don’t miss The New Colossus Festival! Badges are available for $50!

For full schedule, single tickets and more info: https://www.newcolossusfestival.com