RFB Presents Stone Giant EP Release Show at The Well with Crowd The Airwaves & Trip

RFB Presents 1st Thursdays at The Well is pleased to bring you another evening of what Brooklyn sounds likes.

Featuring the retro rock of Stone Giant, the face-melting rock of Crowd The Airwaves and the heavy psych of Trip.

Stone Giant are recent winners of Deli Magazine’s “NYC Artist of the Month”. The band that was created in 2013 by Sebastian Fernandez and Joao Nogueira in Berklee College of Music in Boston,MA. The band is highly influenced by Rock and Roll legends, such as Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, among many other bands of that movement and time.

The band has recently released a new single titled “We Don’t Talk About it” in December 2017 and will be celebrating the release of their new 4-song EP with their performance at The Well.

The band consists of Sebastian Fernandez (Lead Guitar & Vocals),  Joao Nogueira (Keys), Apoena Frota (Bass) and Pepe Hidalgo (Drums and Percussion).

Crowd The Airwaves are three nice girls that just want to melt your face off! Ryan Ansel from Divide and Conquer describes the band’s music as “a rollercoaster without even trying to be one, which is a really charming quality to have. Their seemingly effortless ability to move their sound is hard to find in a lot of rock bands, but they do it without coming up for air. .” Crowd The Airwaves are Heather Lee Marvin (Vocals/Bass), Christina “Rainbow” Elliott (Guitar/Vocals), Lizz Hudman (Drums).

Trip are a heavy psych band from Brooklyn featuring former members of Dead Things. Dead Things debut release was a neck-breaking tutorial on how to play instrumental music that doesn’t suck. Intense, interesting song writing that never lets up.


The Well is located @ 272 Meserole Street in Brooklyn. Doors are at 8:00 PM and the rock ‘n’ roll starts at 8:30 PM. Advance tickets are only $8 at RFB.NYC/tickets. Tickets will be $10 @ the door.