Black Jerusalem on Radio Free Brooklyn

Shar Clay of ”Black Jerusalem”

Shar Clay of new RFB show ”Black Jerusalem” on what made him choose RFB, and his dedication to promoting underground artists.

as told to Michele Carlo

RFB: Tell us a little bit about where you’re from and the creative (or other) path that led you to RFB.

SC: I’m originally from San Antonio, Texas. I moved around a lot, but spent most of my time in the Austin area. I grew up around a music family which naturally turned me into a musician. I started playing in bands/projects and recorded them with friends. We recorded so much we decided to start a record label called “Black Jerusalem” to document these releases over the years. It was then when I decided to further present these projects and have a radio show to display this label.

RFB: Have you had a radio show before? What made you choose RFB for your platform?

SC: I never had a radio show before! But I volunteered behind the scene which drew my curiosity into having a show. What made me choose RFB was the “open arms” mentality they delivered. I knew I wanted a show based in New York but other radio stations were hard to get into. RFB accepts any creative expression regardless of your background or experience. They made me feel at home!

RFB: Give us a hint of what a typical show would be. And what is the takeaway you’d hope people get from listening?

SC: A typical Black Jerusalem show is first, an introduction (which is to talk about the purpose of the show). Next I would play a few mainstream bands, and then introduce a few underground ones to show their relative talent. That’s the main takeaway and purpose: To show the listeners that underground artists are just as talented as mainstream ones. I want the average listener to look beyond the mainstream.

Listen to Black Jerusalem Tuesdays at 6pm.