Top Nachos Shares New Song and Video for “Donate 2 The Bands”

Our favorite “goof-punk” duo, Top Nachos, are back with a delightful new song and accompanying video ahead of a string of tour dates that include several stops in Austin for South by Southwest. The catchy, fun track, which is titled “Donate To The Bands,” focuses on the love-hate relationships that bands have with touring and is a straight-up shred-fest.

The track includes some of the duo’s signature gargantuan riffs and directly addresses the struggles that touring bands encounter while on the road.  Though the lyrics essentially are a slight variation on “This fucking band came from California,” with a different location inserted throughout, this simple refrain itself speaks to the frustration, and sometimes monotony, of touring. On the contrary, the video is straight-up Muppets-inspired fun, as it features puppet versions of guitarist Eli Frank and drummer Kenny Hauptman shredding live and taking bong hits. 

Stream the hilarious video below. And buy some merch from the touring band at the next show you attend!

You can catch Top Nachos on tour through April, including several dates at SXSW! They’re scheduled to perform at the first-annual Brooklyn Block Party at The Electric Church on March 20th, which Radio Free Brooklyn is co-sponsoring: