Art Corner on Radio Free Brooklyn

Vivian Bossieux-Skinner and “Art Corner”

Vivian Bossieux-Skinner of “Art Corner” wants to give you a different perspective on all forms of creative expression.

as told to Michele Carlo

Hello RFB! Vivian Bossieux-Skinner of new eclectic arts talk show “Art Corner” here! I’m from Berkeley in the Bay Area in California, and grew up listening to public radio. I went to college in California and did an internship in Washington DC before moving to NYC. In college I worked at a broadcast radio station for a few years, and when I was in DC I worked on a podcast—so when I moved to NYC I really wanted to find something in the audio/radio format; doing interviews and hosting/engineering a show. I’ve always been creatively inclined, and valued art and music as way of expressing myself and tuning into others, and I found radio to be the most authentic way to combine all these interests. I kind of got into radio because of the music side of DJing, (I’ve always loved making playlists for friends). My dream was to do a two-hour long DJ set, not have to talk very much—then sign off.  But along the way—and as I got more comfortable speaking live on air—I realized what I really liked was talking to others about how they express themselves creatively, so I started doing shows more in that format and DJing (music) on the side.

I decided to join RFB because of the variety of voices and show genres that I saw represented. The content felt broad but in a very intentional way. I wanted to be part of this space, where there is always something new to learn and hear, and I wanted to add to it. I’m always listening to music. And as I learn more about anything it becomes something I connect to more, so I’m always looking to learn more about things I don’t know about—that’s one reason I love the radio as an art form!

I’m not sure I have one dream guest for “Art Corner,” but I’ve recently been watching a lot of Bon Appetit videos on YouTube and I think it would be really fun to interview one of the chefs. I’d also love to do another interview with someone I spoke to a few years ago at KZSC [in California], Baba Zumbi, an artist from the Bay (and half of the group Zion I). He just dropped some new music pretty recently, so maybe I’ll have to try and set that one up. I would also love to talk to an author or a filmmaker (I don’t think I’ve ever done an interview with someone of either of those professions).

As for “Art Corner’s” format, I hope listeners take away something positive. Inspiration, knowledge, feeling represented, creativity, and hearing things from a different perspective that maybe opens up a new way of looking at things. I aim to represent many different art forms, and I want people to be able to find out something new about one or more each week.

Tune in to “Art Corner” Sundays at 5pm.