Volunteer to Host: Ben Louis

Ben Louis was an avid radio listener looking to get into radio. He considered going to school for broadcasting, but the financial burden was not feasible. He started looking for other avenues to get experience, searching and contacting different radio stations to volunteer with no luck. When he reached out Radio Free Brooklyn, he finally got an email response from Programming Director and Co-Founder Tom Tenney. Tom invited him to RFB’s Community meeting in June 2017 and shortly after Ben was trained to use the RFB studio.

By late July 2017, Ben finally got his chance to be on air by filling in for shows such as The News Today, Oh Boy [Wednesdays 11am] and Brooklyn Bandstand [Mondays – Fridays 4pm]. There were times Ben would fill-in for 2 or 3 hosts who needed a substitute in a day. His commitment to the station quickly paid off; A month later Ben was offered a slot for his own show.

Just with a few days to settle on a format and show name, Ben kicked off BEN Talks, a two-hour talk and music show. Ben and his co-hosts give cultural commentaries on news stories, politics, sports, and relationships. BEN Talks also features music from up-and-coming artists in which Ben reaches out to them through Instagram and Facebook and ask if he can play their music in his show.

Influenced by sports radio show, he started a podcast with him his friends a couple of years ago. The podcast was a sports show; but, he soon veered off from only talking about sports since he quickly noticed it had only one kind of audience. With BEN Talks on RFB he could explore and discuss many topics, something he noticed you cannot find on FM/AM radio.

Although Ben is finally a host of his own show, he still takes the time to volunteer for RFB. He still fill-in for hosts, assist with new hosts, and works the door for RFB-related events. Since RFB is all volunteered run, for Ben if he has time to help, he does it.  

Since its inception, BEN Talks has top listenership in RFB. Ben notes that not only he promotes his show ad nauseam, but also RFB in general. He recently started as the new Tuesday host for Brooklyn Bandstand.

BEN Talks airs live every Thursdays at 5pm.