WTFTD – Independence Day Edition

RFB Content Contributor Eli Raskin brings us a few ideas on cool things to do over the upcoming holiday. 

What a time we’re in! Pride was last week, a mid-week July 4th is coming up and the Summer mugginess is here in full force! Well, fear not, because NYC is still one of the greatest places to be and Brooklyn is hopping. Goodbye gloomy Winter, welcome sunny Summer!

I’m sure you already have the low down on boozy cruises, boozy firework parties and boozy…well you get it. But if you’re looking for something a little different, here are a few cool things to do in the coming week along with some juicy tips and tricks.

Tip: With July 4th occurring in the middle of the week, the fun is going to last longer than usual. Keep your eye out for events happening all week long as venues try to host events on all possible days off!

Rooftop Party in Bushwick!

If you’re looking for a party Elsewhere Brooklyn (Insta: @elsewherespace) has you covered. While they have parties every night this week (most in the $10 to $20 dollar range and some nights 16+ friendly) this July 4th they are ramping things up a level with a ‘PogGun’ produced rooftop party! Enjoy performances by Barbie Bertisch & Paul Raffaele, Mike Bloom, Brent Tactic, Hunter Lombard, Mr. Dereloid, Felipe From BK & Amourette followed by some great views of the fireworks. Located in Bushwick at 599 Johnson Ave. Tickets are $10 – $20 online, $21 at the door for this 21+ event.

Hot Dog Eating Contest!

With the beach weather in full swing, many of us (but definitely not all of us) are feeling the burn to look fit and work on that beach bod. Get a little dieting catharsis and embrace your inner foodie without ingesting a calorie by checking out ‘Nathan’s Famous’ July 4th Hot Dog Eating Contest! Get a front seat to the glorious gluttony as intrepid guzzlers from all across the country try to outdo their qualifying runs (yes, there were qualifiers for this) and engage in a battle of engorgement as they speed eat the unofficial July 4th delicacy.

The beef goes down on the corner of Surf Ave. and Stillwell Ave. on Coney Island (1310 Surf Ave: the site of their flagship store) with the women’s competition beginning at 10:50 AM and men’s at 12:00 PM. In NYC tradition, you’ll probably have to get there early for the best seats but don’t worry, it’ll be streamed on ESPN for those of you who want to enjoy the festival while juicing in the comfort of your home.

Local Events

Tip: Every holiday, most NYC venues will do something to ‘celebrate’ and drive in business. So even if you’re not into Independence Day as a holiday, check out your favorite venues to see if they’re doing anything special. Below is a great example!

While sold out by the time of this writing, Nitehawk Cinema is celebrating those of us who enjoy classic movies over ketchup laden meat sandwiches. The Williamsburgh location has a (Sold Out) screening of Jaws at 1:45pm for $12. But, they’re also showing “Won’t You Be My Neighbor,” so all is not lost. 

Even the New York City Parks are getting in on the action with events for the whole family, a potluck, and free movies in the park this whole week, with many special events for July 4th!

Chances are your local bar is doing something cool this weekend as well so now’s a great excuse to jump off the couch and head down to that bar you walked past that one time when you were on a late night phone call with your overseas friend and see what they have cooking.