Prospective Guest: Carolynn Kingyens

A heart grown tired of its chronic techno house beat – Meet Brooklyn poet whose debut book of poetry – Before the Big Bang Makes a Sound (Kelsay Books) is available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Greenlight, Book Culture & Berl’s Poetry Shop.

Name: Carolynn Kingyens


Phone: (917) 754-4597

Best time to contact: Mornings

Live or call-in: Live

Avail Dates: 02/12/2020 – 02/29/2020

Show Type: Talk

Music was my first teacher of poetry – from Muddy Waters to Tom Waits to Notorious B.I.G. Charles Burkowski said each line of poetry should be an entity unto itself, should have a beat. He called it Bim….Bim…,Bim.

I will do a reading of a few poems that will have a beat, and really cool, truthful observations. The 57 page book has a ton of New York City references. As poet, John Wall Barger blurbed – “This is a ferociously, compassionate book.”

I live with my husband, and two beautiful, kind, and creative daughters in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

Excerpt from the “The Abyss”

Once on the A train
an old woman
with milky eyes
stared at me for too long;
and I remembered
Nietzche’s warning:

And when you gaze long
Into an abyss, the abyss
gazes also into you.

So I said an inward prayer
And did not look back
when I got off at West 4th Street.

In New York,
we have salves, oils,
candles and trinkets –
A cure-all for bad vibes,
the evil eye,
generational curses.

In the Bronx-
La Santa Muerte.

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