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RFB Launches First Thursdays @ The Well with Jackknife Stiletto on 12/7

First Thursdays at the Well with Jackknife Stiletto

RFB Presents is proud to announce the launch of our 1st Thursdays at The Well concert series. Our inaugural event will feature Jackknife Stiletto, Nuclear Family Fantasy and Red Arkade. Jackknife Stiletto – Jackknife Stiletto is an all-female rock n’ roll band from New York City. The trio is known for their aggressive drive and punk attitude with a fresh sound. Think Rancid meets Black Sabbath — with chicks. Nuclear Family Fantasy – Nuclear Family Fantasy’s debut EP is an exploration into the resulting impact of growing up believing in the illusion of the nuclear family ideal. Their songs convey the struggles with addiction, frustration, isolation, and heartbreak that sometimes result from trying to survive in a world that still wants us to believe in the attainability of the American Dream. Red Arkade – a Punk Rock band from New York City. Loud..Live and Heavy! A sound that is easy to identify with,but hard to define. Tickets are just $10 – Buy Now

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RFB’s Dr. Lisa Takes Home “Miss Subways” Crown!

Lisa Levy wins the Miss Subways NYC Pageant

Radio Free Brooklyn is proud to announce that our very own in-house psychotherapist, and host of Dr. Lisa Gives a Shit was the winner of the 2017 Miss Subways Pageant, which was held on Thursday, September 20th, 2017 at The City Reliquary in Williamsburg.  Judges for the event included comedian Janeane Garofolo, artist Reverend Jen Miller, NY1 reporter Roger Clark, and  comedian/producer/writer Baratunde Thurston. Our heartfelt congratulations to out to Lisa, and we couldn’t be prouder to have her as part of the RFB family (she’s a show host and our marketing director)! Check out all this cool press she’s gotten over the past week: Gothamist: New Yorkers Vie for the Title of Miss Subways 2017 NY Daily News: The Miss Subways Pageant struts its way back into the NYC spotlight Atlas Obscura: The Miss Subways Pageant Charted the Highs and Lows of 20th-Century Feminism in New York

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Join us for an RFB Comedy Showcase on 9/26!

Radio Free Brooklyn Comedy Showcase

Join Colby Smith and Doctor Lisa for our monthly live showcase at Footlight!

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Submit a Proposal for RFB Season 6!

RFB Season 6 Proposals are now being accepted
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Making (Independent) Radio Political Again

Resistance and Radio intertwine as hosts from Radio Free Brooklyn’s political shows come out of the studio to share why they are inspired to produce community-focused political programming at a panel event hosted at the Footlight late last month. The event allowed attendees to hear first-hand how important independent radio is in the media landscape, and how it differs from the mainstream.The panel featured hosts from RFB shows including Orie Givens from Objection to the Rule, Bruja Rebel, Audry Funk and Lx from Loca Vibes Radio, Took Edalow from What Would Save the World and Patrick Hilsman from Apocal-cast, as well as Persephone SJ Smith, podcast host and current candidate in the 37th district for NY City Council. “Obviously mainstream media sucks because there is a lot of control,” says Bruja Rebel, co-host of Loca Vibes Radio. “We haven’t seen any media that is anti-authoritarian in nature in Latin news in general.” Loca Vibes is a Spanish/Spanglish-language show dedicated to informing Latinx people-of-color (POC) communities about important issues in politics and social justice. “Right now the people that are being targeted and directly impacted by a lot of the politics are the most marginalized communities, and those include immigrant communities and latino

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RFB Host Jarret Berenstein Visits Objection to the Rule, Talks Kellyanne Conway Book

Radio Free Brooklyn Jarret Berenstein

Jarret Berenstein, host of RFB show Famous Dead People, joined Objection to the Rule on Sunday to talk about his new book, The Kellyanne Conway Technique, now available in bookstores and online. Berenstein worked with Skyhorse Publishing to write what he calls a “fake instructional manual,” jokingly helping readers to emulate Conway and poking fun at conservatives along the way. “It was basically me watching a lot of  her interviews, which was like the of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life, and then figuring out exactly how she does what she does,” says Berenstein. The actor and comedian says he studied Conway’s media appearances as research and discovered some of her key strategies to success. One example – her ability to eating up air time. “The longer that she has an answer, that accomplishes a lot of things for her,” says Berenstein. “It’s really difficult to pin down exactly what you’re gonna talk to her about if she just continues talking and bringing up crazy things.” Conway’s press appearances became infamous for moments like “alternative facts,” and she became a fixture on Sunday morning talk speaking on behalf of the President. Berenstein’s book is now available

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Help Send RFB to SXSW 2018!

Radio Free Brooklyn SXSW

Help send RFB to SXSW 2018 by voting for our proposal on our PanelPicker page!

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Our New Local Music Channel, RFB 2: LocalChords, is LIVE!

RFB 2: LocalChords

WE’RE LIVE!  LISTEN TO RFB 2: LOCAL CHORDS LIVE NOW! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JULY 1, 2017 For the many lovers of artists and bands based right here in the five boroughs, Radio Free Brooklyn’s announcement of a new 24-hour stream launching July 1 will literally be music to your ears. RFB 2: LocalChords is the second internet-based radio stream produced by Radio Free Brooklyn(RFB), a nonprofit radio station based in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, and gives listeners an eclectic uninterrupted setlist of music created by local musicians. “This new audio experience gives fans of local music a new way to enjoy the bands they love and, more importantly, to discover new bands to love,” says Tom Tenney, co-founder and Program Director at RFB. “The music on LocalChords is the music of our communities, and represents the incredibly diverse spectrum of sounds and music being created by independent artists right here in the city.” The stream will launch with more than 200 hours of music, over 500 local bands and artists from every imaginable genre – funk, hip-hop, rock, jazz, blues and more. LocalChords accepts submissions from local artists on Radio Free Brooklyn’s website, and considers all local

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Season 5 Showcase on 5/21

The Falling Birds RFB

On Sunday May 21st, we’re kicking off our 5th season with a showcase of local musicians to raise funds for the station, under our newly established non-profit status!

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We’re Now a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization!

We are very excited to announce that Radio Free Brooklyn has received its new official status as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization!

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