Radio Free Brooklyn 5-year T-Shirt Artists and Designs


David Kramer RFB T-shirt design
David Kramer, Listen Up
A child of the 1970s, David Kramer pulls from that formative decade, re-crafting its lifestyle advertisements and distinctive interior design into paintings, drawings, and installations both nostalgic and ironic.
Lisa Levy T-Shirt Design Chanel Bottle

Lisa LevyLisa Levy, RFB No. 5

Lisa Levy is a painter, conceptual artist, comedian and (self-proclaimed) psychotherapist. Her visual career started when she was 3 1/2 when she was sent to the children’s art school at MOMA. Before devoting herself full time to her art, she had a career as an art director in advertising. Her visual art has been widely exhibited at many venues including White Columns, Artists Space, The Bronx Museum, The New Museum, Schroeder and Romero Gallery and the Scope Art Fair

Mitsushige Nishiwaki Black Cat etching

Mitsushige NishiwakiMitsushige Nishiwaki, Radio Cat

Mitsushige Nishiwaki is a graduate of Hosei University in Tokyo and received a graduate degree in graphic design while studying in Arizona. He works as an artist and graphic designer in Tokyo. His artwork has been exhibited in Japan, France, England and the United States.

Heather Strycharz T-shirt design

Heather StrycharzHeather Strycharz, Lenny

Heather Stycharz is the founder of Love Local Design in New Haven CT, where she applies her talents to a wide variety of design projects. Awarded as one of New Haven’s 2012 Rising Stars, Heather is fully committed to growing Love Local Design with talented team members who share her passion for delivering high-quality digital and design solutions.

Kosmo Vinyl "Don't Stop" Design

Kosmo VinylKosmo Vinyl, Don’t Stop

A former Londoner turned New Yorker, Kosmo Vinyl is perhaps best known for his work with Ian Dury and The Blockheads and then with The Clash. Since the 90’s, Vinyl has developed into both an artist and a “cultural curator”. Focused primarily on life with his wife and two sons, he began producing works of art in what little downtime he had as a stay-at-home father. At first he made one-of-a-kind postcards, mailing them to friends around the world; then he started painting, eventually combining the two.