Prospective Guest: Kumasi Raheem Hopkins

Legacy of XCORPIIIO: Bringing meaning back to music

Name: Kumasi Raheem Hopkins


Phone: (718) 483-6683

Best time to contact: Evenings

Live or call-in: Live, Call-in

Avail Dates: 10/12/2019 – 11/12/2019

Show Type: Talk, Music


Kumasi Raheem Hopkins (born October 31, 1997), known professionally as Scorpio (stylized as XCORPIIIO) (IPA: /ˈskor.pi.oː/, [ˈskɔr.pi.oː].), is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, mix engineer, master engineer, dancer, actor, and model. The only way to describe the “genre” that his music falls into is Alternative Indie Hip-Pop. He has released an EP, Summerset, and two singles, “Flower Girl” and “Passion FM.”, respectively. With over 1800 followers and subscribers across all social media accounts, content has over 45,000 total views/streams since his first release in June 2019. XCORPIIIO has made major connections within the industry, such as Alicia Keys, Kerry “Krucial Keys” Brothers, Ann Mincieli, and Stuart White. He has been a performer since 2015, when the musical that he starred in won a KCATCF award for “Best Performance as an Ensemble”. In summer 2019, Pandora recognized him as a Promising Artist on their Next Big Sound site, and placed his song, “Like That”, on some of their major radio stations, including Top 40 Radio, Beyonce Radio, Ariana Grande Radio, Rihanna Radio, Lady Gaga Radio, and Bruno Mars Radio. XCORPIIIO has also met with Alicia Keys and Ann Mincieli concerning his future path in music, and potential employment at Ann’s studio, Jungle City Studios. From his very first song to the most recent, XCORPIIIO has written music in order for people to relate to and learn from. His mission is to bring real music that matters back to the industry by fusing a contemporary sound with meaningful lyrics.

“You’re in your own zone with this one. Definitely have your own sound. That indie EDM fusion.”

Kerry “Krucial Keys” Brothers

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