Prospective Guest: Lee

Aunt Vicki is getting married and going on tour with a new album! 5 NYC shows in 6 days first week of September.

Name: Lee


Phone: (231) 881-8138

Best time to contact: Evenings

Live or call-in: Live, Call-in

Avail Dates: 09/02/2019 – 09/08/2019

Show Type: Music


We realize we are out of towners, and there is a lot going on in the world, but we’d like to think we are an example of bad decisions that the world might need to hear about! Eight months ago we left our very set-up lives in northern Northern and moved into a camper, ran our truck out of oil (destroying the engine), got a new engine on credit, moved to New Orleans and parked across the street from Snake & Jakes Christmas Club and Lounge (a triple D Dive bar), sold our camper and signed a six month lease which we then got out of to get married and go on tour for 3 months from New Orleans to Northern Michigan to Portland, ME and all the way down the coast…..

What could go wrong?

Hopefully it’s smooth sailing, but either way we’d love to meet up and tell you all about it while we are in town. Here’s a link to our album we just released and a list of our show dates while we are in town.


Thanks so much for checking us out!

Aunt V

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