Prospective Guest: Luis

Using music to process spirituality, sexuality, & unorthodox male identity.

Name: Luis


Phone: (845) 217-7753

Best time to contact: Mornings

Live or call-in: Live, Call-in

Avail Dates: 11/23/2019 – 11/30/2020

Show Type: Music

I'm a pianist and vocalist in Woodstock, NY. I moved here from Brooklyn 8 years ago. I opened up a private practice as a holistic trauma therapist and, organically, found myself on a major healing journey of my own. The result is my new record "How A Stranger Is Made". It's an introspective journey that contemplates my own spirituality, sexuality, and relationships with men. I was a closet musician for 15 years and only came out after moving to Woodstock. I toured with the cell-rock band "Rasputina" for 4 years and then made this record and released it in October. Now I'm interested in speaking with people about the topics on this record and sharing myself so intimately through song. I play Gold Sounds in Buswhick on January 8th and would love to come before then.

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