Resistance and Radio intertwine as hosts from Radio Free Brooklyn’s political shows come out of the studio to share why they are inspired to produce community-focused political programming at a panel event hosted at the Footlight late last month.

The event allowed attendees to hear first-hand how important independent radio is in the media landscape, and how it differs from the mainstream.The panel featured hosts from RFB shows including Orie Givens from Objection to the Rule, Bruja Rebel, Audry Funk and Lx from Loca Vibes Radio, Took Edalow from What Would Save the World and Patrick Hilsman from Apocal-cast, as well as Persephone SJ Smith, podcast host and current candidate in the 37th district for NY City Council.

“Obviously mainstream media sucks because there is a lot of control,” says Bruja Rebel, co-host of Loca Vibes Radio. “We haven’t seen any media that is anti-authoritarian in nature in Latin news in general.” Loca Vibes is a Spanish/Spanglish-language show dedicated to informing Latinx people-of-color (POC) communities about important issues in politics and social justice.

“Right now the people that are being targeted and directly impacted by a lot of the politics are the most marginalized communities, and those include immigrant communities and latino communities and POC,” says Bruja Rebel, who also works as an organizer in social justice activism movements.

Orie Givens, host of the first RFB-produced political radio show Objection to the Rule and Queer State of Mind explains that the freedom that comes from platforms such as Radio Free Brooklyn contribute to communities in vital ways.

“It’s really important to center these perspectives that don’t get heard or get pigeon-holed or marginalized,” says Givens, who works as a correspondent on race, ethnicity and LGBTQ rights.

Hilsman noted to the audience that New Yorkers and others in the west are lucky to have the ability to speak out, an ability others in different parts of the world may not have.

“We have an obligation to be annoying to the things that are unjust,” said Hilsman. “Sometimes all you have is the ability to complain.”

Took Edalow, host of “What Would Save the World,” remarked about how independent outlets connect more effectively with listeners and their struggles.

“What motivates people is to treat them like they are the authority on their experience and that their experience and thoughts are valid” says Edalow. “I feel like what we see in the media is a lot of people not personally affected just talking about shit just like a talking point.”

Take a listen to the whole panel, and check out the whole range of RFB political shows live on RFB and find archives on our show page.