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Adding an episode on Mixcloud (music shows only)

Archiving each of your episodes is required to maintain a show on Radio Free Brooklyn.  Archiving our shows on Mixcloud allows us to offload the burden of audio hosting, and provides a way to distribute your content to one of the largest online radio communities. Additionally, Mixcloud pays the royalties for music heard through their site.   Below is a step-by-step guide to adding your episodes to Mixcloud, along with a screencast on the process.

1. Navigate to and log in using RFB’s login credentials (emailed to music hosts). 

2. Go to the RFB profile page at:, and click on “Upload” (link is in the black header bar at the top of the page)

3. Click the blue “Choose File” button to select your audio file, and enter a title for your episode.  Click “Publish”

4. While your file is uploading, add an episode image, description, and paste your playlist from Spinitron in the space provided.

5. Enter up to 5 tags for your episode.  At minimum, please enter the tag “Radio Free Brooklyn” as one of your tags.

6. After the episode has finished uploading, you can optionally time stamp each of your songs in your playlist.

7. When everything is complete, click “Save”

8. Head back to the RFB profile page and find your new episode in the feed.

9. Click on the “+” button on your episode to add it to the playlist for your show.  If a playlist has not yet been created for your show, you can start one by selecting “New Playlist”

10. Go to the playlist page for your show by clicking on the tab for your playlist.  If it’s not visible, click on the “more” tab to find it.


10. Make sure the order of your shows is correct on your playlist page (latest show on top).  If not, click “Edit” to re-order them.


NOTE: If this is the first time uploading to Mixcloud, you will need to take a few additional steps (below) in order for your episodes to show up on your show page.  You will only need to complete these steps on your first upload.

11. From your playlist page, click the “Share” button

12. Select the options “Light Widget,”Show Track List” and “Show Artwork.”  Then click “Copy Code to Clipboard”


13. Log into the RFB site, and go to Navigate to the Shows area (on the left menu), find your show and click “Edit”.

14.  Toward the bottom of the edit screen, you’ll see a field called “Mixcloud Embed Code”  Paste the code you just copied here.



15.  Click the blue “Update” button, and then “View Show” to make sure the audio player is now appearing on your show page.



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