Prospective Guest: Mariah Scott

Jazz Poet and Philanthropist who is an innovator in the music and poetry community.

Name: Mariah Scott


Phone: (414) 335-6434

Best time to contact: Mornings

Live or call-in: Live

Avail Dates: 09/03/2019 – 09/20/2019

Show Type: Talk, Music


As a philanthropist and spoken word artist, Mariah Scott has impacted others lives both on the stage and in the community. She fuses her spoken word with Neo-Soul and Jazz to provide her audience with a unique contemporary R&B, Soul and Poetry blend. Her passion led her to work on multiple projects supporting arts education in schools to provide students with a safe, supportive space for self expression. She also founded the Be Moved Event, a platform servicing artists from the tri-state area. She continues to use her art as a catalyst for change in the lives of youth and her peers.

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