RFB Podcast Network

The RFB Podcast Network is our curated family of shows that exist as podcast-only programs, ideal for RFB members who do not wish to be constrained by the strict one or two hour limits of a live show or the need to be in the studio at the same day and time each week. Podcast network members have the freedom to record and publish their podcasts on their own schedule.

While certain podcasts may receive radio airplay during our overnight hours, airplay is not guaranteed. What we offer as part of this network are:

Studio recording:RFB will provide access to our studios to record your podcast, up to 1.5 hours per week for 0-60 minute podcasts, or up to 2.5 hours per week for podcasts 60 minutes or over. Podcasters who tech their own shows must undergo RFB studio training, which takes place once a month at 100 Bogart Street.
Hosting and publishing:We will host your podcasts with unlimited storage, and up to 1,000 monthly downloads are included. Cost for additional downloads are just $0.02 per download. Members also have access to detailed download stats for their podcast and episodes.
Distribution:Radio Free Brooklyn will submit your podcasts for approval to iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify. While approval is not guaranteed, and depends on approval by the distribution network, once approved, each podcast will be automatically submitted to all networks for which you are approved.
Support:RFB has daily managers on call 7 days a week, who are able to provide support with any issues that arise in the studio or with your podcast
Editing:Radio Free Brooklyn offers our Podcast Network editing services for $50 per hour, a 33% discount off of our regular editing rate.
Inclusion on the Radio Free Brooklyn podcasts page on our website

To submit your show for consideration for inclusion in the RFB Podcast Network, please complete the form below.

Community Dues

While community dues are still required as part our podcast network, the contribution is less than for our live radio shows. Podcast Network shows are expected to contribute the following to the Radio Free Brooklyn community:

Podcast Network Community MembershipPodcast LengthIncluded Studio TimeDues
Podcast recorded at home studioAnyN/A$25.00/mo.
Podcast recorded at RFB (host techs own recording)0-60 mins.1.5 hours/wk$30.00/mo.
60+ mins.2.5 hours/wk$45.00/mo.
Podcast recorded at RFB (RFB provides technician)0-60 mins.1.5 hours/wk$145.00/mo.
60+ mins.2.5 hours/wk$225.00/mo.
*All monthly community dues are charged automatically to your credit or debit card