Prospective Guest: Private Investigator Manuel Gomez

My name is Private Investigator Manuel Gomez I am one of the main characters in this years Emmy Award winning film Crime + Punishment on HULU. I was referred to you by N.Y.P.D. Lieutenant Edward Raymond who also did an interview on Democracy Now with Juan Gonzales. We are interested in coming on your show in regards to the new legislation I wrote with Frank Serpico called the Department of Civilian Justice which will resolve a state problem and national problem effecting most states. Attached is a detailed explanation.

Name: Private Investigator Manuel Gomez


Phone: (347) 867-6242

Best time to contact: Mornings

Live or call-in: Live

Avail Dates: 10/10/2019 – 10/18/2019

Show Type: Talk


I am respectfully requesting a meeting with you to discuss the possibility of you doing a radio show with me and Edward Raymond to address a local and national problem. I wrote a New York State Bill which is first of it’s kind nation wide. Frank Serpico from the movie Serpico collaborated with me on the bill. The new agency is called the Department of Civilian Justice it will have oversight jurisdiction over all the state prosecutors offices, Police Departments, Correction Departments, and Fire Departments State wide. It will be operated by people who have no affiliation to the agencies that are being investigated to ensure that fair an impartial investigations are being done. The agency will have subpoena powers, and will hold administrative hearings by real judges who also have no affiliation to the agencies being investigated. It will have the power to fire anyone regardless of position or appointment if found guilty of corruption. It will give the public and the police for the first time the ability to report corruption without fear of retaliation. It will also investigate for the first time all the state prosecutors for acts of corruption, and for hiding evidence in trials and fire them if found guilty. This new bill for this agency was introduced on February 20, 2019 bill number # 5947. You can print the PDF of this bill from my website at please go to the legislation page on my site to print the bill. Now I have four other states who are now in the process of introducing my bill in there states as well.

As a New York State Private Investigator I have solved over a 115 cases. I have uncovered numerous matters of police corruption in the New York State Police Departments, and corruption within the District Attorney’s Offices offices state wide. This was the inspiration for me writing this bill to give the voiceless a voice. I have found a severe amount of police corruption within the N.Y.P.D. 41st, 42nd, 44, 52nd, 110, 113, 115, 75 precinct, and the 25 precinct. I have also attached my web site so you can see some of the major news stories about me from the last few months showing the corruption I uncovered throughout the city of New York in your district for your review.

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