RFB host, comedian and author Jarret Berenstein and his new book “The Kellyanne Conway Technique.”

Jarret Berenstein, host of RFB show Famous Dead People, joined Objection to the Rule on Sunday to talk about his new book, The Kellyanne Conway Technique, now available in bookstores and online.

Berenstein worked with Skyhorse Publishing to write what he calls a “fake instructional manual,” jokingly helping readers to emulate Conway and poking fun at conservatives along the way.

“It was basically me watching a lot of  her interviews, which was like the of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life, and then figuring out exactly how she does what she does,” says Berenstein.

The actor and comedian says he studied Conway’s media appearances as research and discovered some of her key strategies to success. One example – her ability to eating up air time.

“The longer that she has an answer, that accomplishes a lot of things for her,” says Berenstein. “It’s really difficult to pin down exactly what you’re gonna talk to her about if she just continues talking and bringing up crazy things.”

Conway’s press appearances became infamous for moments like “alternative facts,” and she became a fixture on Sunday morning talk speaking on behalf of the President.

Berenstein’s book is now available for purchase, and you can listen to his show Famous Dead People at 3:00 PM Mondays.

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