The show, called “Who’s More Annoying”, asks three couples questions in a variety of relationship-related categories.


Participants will answer questions on stage about planning/traveling, socializing, bedroom/sex, Complainer’s Choice, and cooking/dining. Each person in the couple responds to illuminate what their partner is annoying.
“I want to bring out the funny, truthful side of dating,” says Levy. “People love each other, get along great and still have conflict.” 

The most annoying partner wins the couple a dinner for two at a restaurant. Levy says even the owners of The Footlight will be competing. 

Levy says this fun show is to bring reality to the concept of “perfection” in relationships we all see on social media and to help everyone realize that no matter how much you love somebody, when you get close to them, eventually they will annoy you in some way and vice-versa.


“Too often we blame the other person without seeing our own flaws and role in these conflicts,” says Levy. “Friction is an important part of real intimacy that doesn’t get acknowledged enough. Unrealistic expectations abound.”


hits the stage on Jan. 29, 7p,  at The Footlight, 465 Seneca Ave. in Ridgewood, Queens. Tickets are $5.