Artist: Schwarze Fiktion

SF works as “The Machine” the songs operate as fragmented momentary depictions of man in transformation.

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The onrushing Danish duo Schwarze Fiktion explores an alternative modern reality through anti-
static love stories. Their first single “Cool Bikini Cool” is a journey into the emotional chaos of youth
depicted into young people’s intense relationship. With the single Schwarze Fiktion marks the start
of several releases leading up to the duo’s second EP-release this autumn.

Since 2018 Schwarze Fiktion have roamed the Danish underground scene with results such as warming up
for The Minds Of 99 and being played on established radio stations P3 and P6 Beat. With concerts at
Smukfest, SPOT Festival and Uhørt Festival Schwarze Fiktion are now ready with strong live experience
before the release of their first single “Cool Bikini Cool” on March 20th, 2020.
In cooperation with sound designer Christian Skjødt and producer and mixer Carsten Heller the duo have
succeeded in creating a different take on pop music that is convincingly hard-hitting, exploring and catchy all
at once. About “Cool Bikini Cool” front singer Bo Skjelmose says:

– We explore the relationship between young people through momentary depictions of their intense, restless
and explosive existence and their addiction to each other. “Cool Bikini Cool” is the first glimpse of Schwarze
Fiktion’s fictive universe that depicts technology’s influence on people’s emotional lives. I get a lot of
inspiration for the lyrics from recollections of my own youth which I then interpret as an older version of me.
With songs about light and hopefulness to ones about dystopian darkness, the duo operates with various
themes that each operate as independent stories.

– On “Cool Bikini Cool” we explore the dark side of “The Dark Fiction”. Here man is portrayed in a distanced
reality where the preferred refuge is artificial dispersal. Through dispirited energym we try to illustrate the
transformation from man to machine, which is the key point in our universe.

”Cool Bikini Cool” is the first of several single releases in the spring that culminates in Schwarze Fiktion’s
second EP-release this autumn.

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