1 800 Weirdo on Radio Free Brooklyn
Hosted by The Head Weirdo, Jeremy X..

A live freeform expression of music and spoken word, with input from callers to 1-800-Weirdos and friends of weirdos.com – improvisational and interactive – the WEIRDEST SHOW EVER! Live interactive international improvisational musical multimedia mash-ups! Call 800-934-7367 or skype weirdos999 to be on the air!

Listen every Saturday at 11:30 pm
Category: Comedy, Experimental

About The Head Weirdo, Jeremy X.

Jeremy X. Halpern (Head Weirdo) is the creator of 1-800-Weirdos and host of “Weirdos.TV” (http://www.weirdos.com), and has masterminded such epic productions as “Battle of the Dead Celebs”, and “Speak of the Devil – A Satanic Cabaret”. He recently co-directed “Pretençión” at the Elektra Theatre (inside Times Scare), and served as the musical director for Chris Tanner’s “The Etiquette of Death” (which closed LaMama’s 50th season). He is currently the executive producer of the mind-controlled levitation ride (also the World’s largest bio-feedback machine), xxxy’s “The Ascent” (http://theascent.co).

External Website: www.weirdos.com

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