Afraid of Heightz Live
Afraid of Heightz Live
Hosted by Heightz, Hershey and, Flea_Cobain.

Host Heightz , Hershey And Flea_Cobain Discuss trending topics in hip-hop and pop culture from their own wild perspective.

Listen LIVE every at 11:00 am
Category: Talk

About Heightz, Hershey and, Flea_Cobain

Heightz -25 Grew up in the Crown Heights Brooklyn. The outspoken type never hold any punches takes his hip-hop very serious.

Flea_Cobain -24 Grew up in Brooklyn Ny . “On any night I perform like Mike Tyson,Jordan ,Jackson anyone.”

Hershey-25 Grew up in the Bronx. The soft spoken voice of reason.

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