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“This is Ela-Ro from the planet Anthropica of the Epsilon system. We are adrift in unknown space and purging our personal logs to preserve power for life support. If you are receiving the following transmission…please, send help.”  So begins the mysterious distress call being received across space and time to a lucky few. The ANTHROPICA transmissions chronicle the life of Ela and her A.I. companion, Ro. Each broadcast unravels a piece of the mystery behind the technologically advanced but troubled alien world: Anthropica.
ANTHROPICA is the sci-fi love child of MISS ANTHROPICA band members and producers:
EL-E [Anthropica segment writer, voice of Ela, exec producer]
Zack Reeves [Anthropica segment original music, voice of Ro, sound design, recording]
Gabriel Albin [Intro segment writer, character voice, recording, sound design, mixing, artwork]
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MISS ANTHROPICA is a power groove punk-funk band based out of North Brooklyn, NY. More at

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