Aural Medication on Radio Free Brooklyn
Aural Medication
Hosted by Rina.

A weekly infusion of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers…musical remedies both natural & synthetic, some locally sourced, some internationally imported. From Cleveland to the Congo, from Bushwick to Brazil.
I will be mixing up the medicine with everything from the old-fashioned to the new – fangled, the rust – corroded & star spangled; precious antiques & shiny new balloons, dusty relics & fancy gadgets. Tune in for your tonic for a tired mind, an elixir for the listless. Taken with meals or on an empty stomach – it’s always good for what ails ya.

Listen LIVE every Friday at 11:00 am
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About Rina

Rina has recently woken from a long and deep slumber during which she dreamt that she was sailing around the moon in a silver hot air balloon on a highly classified reconnaissance mission. She emerged with magic moondust in her pockets which she is secretly sprinkling on everyone she meets.
In her past life, she worked as DJ at public radio stations in Colorado and New Jersey after beginning her radio career at age nine with a tape recorder in her Forest Hills living room.

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