Azucar! Descargnado el ritmo…
Hosted by Gregg Bellon & Stefan Zeniuk.

Let’s explore Cuban music in all its forms; let it play. Then let’s see it spread it’s influence to all forms and add that music to our playlist. Picking a new starting point with each show, your Impreario de la Descarga along with his compadre, Capitan Concojones, will spin, click, and descargar un “arroz con mango” down the rabbit hole of connections from danzon to guaguanco to New Orleans Jazz to French rap and Aussie Salsa to almost anything that’s developed since the inception of what has become the world’s music: El Ritmo de CUBA, Azucar! Preparense para la descarga!

Listen LIVE every at 10:00 pm
Category: Music

About Gregg Bellon & Stefan Zeniuk

Impresario de la Descarga (Gregg Bellon) hails from a long-line of guanajos y gusanos, bailando y troveando through the streets of his native Miami which developed his particular cubanismo and. Found mostly upon, atop, around the stage, he sweats with anticipation para pregonar over the airwaves of Brooklyn and beyond.
Capitan Concojones (Stefan Zeniuk) blows fire, creates worlds and moods, and exudes el ritmo. New York-spawned but truly a cuban cousin, he wows them from many a bandstand leading the dulce local conjunto, Gato Loco, and many others. Sheck it out,

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