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BEN Talks
Hosted by Ben Louis.

BEN Talks real talk. Straight to the point and no nonsense, well maybe a little nonsense. On BEN Talks I’ll cover a variety of topics ranging from love, politics, sports, romance and everything in between all while discovering new artists and paying respects to some of my favorite legends. Oh yea, I’ve also lived a crazy life and have plenty of stories because of it. Who knows what will come up when I get behind the mic. Join me for what will be the craziest part of your Monday morning!

Listen LIVE every Thursday at 5:00 pm
Category: Hip Hop, Music, Talk

About Ben Louis

Brooklyn native born and raised, and the middle of 6 children (isn’t that crazy). I talk to myself a lot and so I decided to get on the radio so that way I can talk to myself and not look crazy. I enjoy traveling, listening to music, sports…oh yea and hanging out with my cat KingKattDaddy (yes that’s his name and yes you have to say the whole thing). I may look mean or unapproachable but trust me that couldn’t be farther from the truth, you’ll realize that once you get to know me.

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