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BEN Talks
Hosted by Ben Louis, Addy.

The Best in the World Ben Louis and Addy come together each week to discuss the latest in urban culture.  With neither host afraid to speak their mind, you will be sure to hear a unique point of view about a wide range of topics.  Ben and Addy give credit when its due in their “Shout-outs” segment. All the latest news and trending social media topics in our “Trending Topics” segment, and violators will be addressed in our “Blow the Whistle” segment.  Also Ben loses his mind every week during his “Don’t @ Me” segment.  On top of incredible hard hitting content, we have amazing guests that range from musical artists to actors/actresses and even entrepreneurs. While the hosts are the same every week, no two shows ever will be.

Listen LIVE every Thursday at 5:00 pm
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About Ben Louis, Addy


Addy the Bed Stuy Baddie is a regrettably heterosexual, ghetto Intellectual, who sounds a lot like (and perhaps looks like) Beyonce on the Radio. 

Shortly after graduating from Harvard in 2013, she worked as a middle school math teacher  for a few years in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Then in 2016, to the shock and confusion of her Nigerian ass parents, she pulled the plot twist of the century when she decided she’d quit her job to become a Rapper – basically wasting her Ivy League degree. Realizing that she needed a day job and that her ADD couldn’t be contained into just one profession, she does the absolute MOST for a living now as an Education Consultant, Rapper, Songwriter, Content Creator and now Co-Host on the Ben Talks Show. 

As the self proclaimed “Hotep Healer,” you can expect Addy the Bed Stuy Baddie to challenge young men to be decent to women (okay Ben!), to vanquish white tears with the harsh truths about the Black experience in America and to inspire young people of color to believe in themselves. You’ll love her, I promise!


Ben Louis

The Best in the World Ben Louis is a highly opinionated and passionate On Air Personality.  Ben always had a passion for radio. Growing up in a house with 5 other siblings there was a lot of competition for the television, so Ben turned to the radio for entertainment.  When he decided to finally pursue a career in broadcast media, Radio Free Brooklyn accepted him with open arms.  What started as a volunteer position quickly turned into an opportunity to become a full time host with his own show.  Throughout the years Ben has used his platform to help promote and bring awareness to local artists in the Hip Hop/R&B genre, as well as local creatives such as authors, actors/actresses, poets, and even entrepreneurs.  In his free time he is usually listening to the radio (of course), tending to his cat KingKattDaddy (you have to say the whole thing), and trying not to lose his mind while on the subway (seriously have you been on the MTA).

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